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New Event at Canadian Jr. Championships

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From Ski Racing Magazine:

"BANFF (Alberta) March 23, 2005 - Teams at the Mars Canadian Juvenile Alpine Championships tested their abilities for the first ever skills event held at a Canadian Championship race series. The event, which ran on the World Cup downhill run at Lake Louise, featured a very long and rapidly changing course that tested individual athlete ability. Racers had to be able to switch thinking and skiing tactics on a moment's notice. They had to adapt to a variety of long and short gates and slalom turns with GS panels. Athletes were challenged to utilize both their technical and speed skiing skills, back and forth for the duration of the race."

Here's the link to full article: http://www.skiracing.com/news/news_d...hp/2390/ALPINE

Any one know about this first hand? Any thoughts if this should be tried at the WC level? That it might help alpine racing generate more fan interest?
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I saw that on the agenda and wondered about it. Sounds like a good test and training for kids that age. They should be skiing training courses like that any ways to promote different skills. Current mindset wouldn't see many training it though because there is no event based on it. Now there is, so now it will be trained.

I think it's great for that age group to teach them to be adaptive and focus externally but it has no place on the World Cup in my mind. Nor do I think it would generate new fan interest. The guys who do well on world cup already have developed those skills and now focus those abilities. This just gives kids that age reason to develop those skills some coaches might not realize they need. Better chance of making world cup and doing better at a younger age.
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Did they have to be on "legal" FIS gear? Or were they allowed to run any ski they wanted?

Baited question (since such a "combined/blender) ain't FIS, but with all the emphasis on length and legality ... did they address any issues like that?
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I missed the event but know lots of guys coaching at that level so I'll try to remember to ask.
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That event reminds me of the FSS Snow Park technical test the Swiss have been doing with young skiers for some time already (I heard about it in a 1998 seminar).

It comprises:
- GS on one ski, both L and R, average time counts
- timed parcours with curves and jumps
- slalom in moguls (grades, no time taken)
- couloir set with poles (how round the turns within the space given are - grades)
There are points and tables in three stages: racer, fun, snow

There also was as early as 1998 a "skicross" race (times about 1:20) with nine "disciplines" including a SL, GS, SG parts, jumps, moguls.

Clear connections or inspiration?
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