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Can u base a relationship on a love of the mountains ?

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i know a long term relationship wont stand on just that, but sometimes i wish it could as i went out with this girl recently who loves CO and its mountains, wants to move to CO someday and hates the beach, and we both live in Houston; which is 50 miles from galveston and 1100 miles from the nearest ski resort.
i keep telling myself that i cant start a serious relationship based on the fact that we both love CO, but much like some guys only think with their pants; i'm letting the "barking bear" do my thinking for me.
so, has the mountains worked solely for anybody else here long-term ?
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Works for me. I moved here because of a girl I met on the Highline chair at Vail. Been together for three years.
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My girl and I both instruct and it works perfect.
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What have you got to lose? Grab that girl and head to the mountains. If it doesn't work out, at least you'll be living in the mountains. Your odds are probably higher for a successful relationship than moving to the mountiains single and trying to meet someone. "It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all," (especially in the mountains).
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That's how my present relationship of 5 years got started. We have other things in common, but it started with skiing.
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Three questions to ask yourself:

What other things do you have in common?
If she was not a skier, would you still fall in love with her?
And the most important question: How is the sex?
No need to answer question #3 on the forum, but it ain't gonna last if you don't score well in that department.
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you know you guys may be right.
in fact, i took up skiing because i met on girl that was on the ski team when she was in high school; and that didnt last; but the skiing did. might as well see just how serious she is about me, her and mountain living.
my fantasies may come together after all ! a great woman and mountains nearby !
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I know of many relationships based on twin peaks.
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Dude go for it, what's the worst that can happen? You get to make some great turns?
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When my wife spent a week in a canoe on the Allagash, in April, right after ice-out, snow still on the ground ..... and she didn't piss or whine, that was a sign the relationship could last.

Have you tried Dear Abby or Ann Landers? Hints from Holoise?

Listen to that ol' John Prine "Dear Abby" song after a couple of beers and it'll put things in perspective.

I guess it boils down to, is she a "romantic" who likes to gaze at the sunset over the Rockies? Or, is she willing to get down and dirty and cold too?

Dear Yuki
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Some couples have very little in common and are still happy together. So if you have something in common, especially something as awesome as this, then it's a very good place to start. Don't go through life looking for someone with a lot of things in common with you -- a couple key things are good, but the variety of having different interests is better -- you won't get bored with each other.

My wife and I aleady had a great marriage, but she became excited about skiing this year (finally!) and it has been great. Among other things, she now understands why I like skiing so much and I'm not the only one getting excited about next season already. So from my standpoint, skiing/mountain life is a great thing to build on -- it has been a great addition for us.

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Can they? They can try.

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The big question is, if you move to Colorado and it doesn't last, will you still be happy? Everyone I know who's moved out here with their girlfriend has ended up losing their turn. (Think about those odds for a minute.. I truly meant everyone.)

The next question to ask: will you be happy leaving behind what you have in Houston? If you've got a great job, great benefits, is it worth tossing them away? Also, what did you mean by moving to the mountains.. Denver? Colorado Springs? Vail? The first two are somewhat similar to Houston while the latter is much different.

Now, if you're frustrated by Houston and consider it a soulless expanse of urban sprawl with no opportunity, then by all means move.
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I don't get it skicougar. If you both live in Huston, then forget the mountains and see if you can build a relationship first. You will probably have a good idea after several months and then you can both plan a move to CO.
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Talk about taking all the fun out of skiing.
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You say this girl loves the mountains, but does she ski? Can she really rip? Is she better than you?

Anyway, a girl who does not love the mountains might become envious of all the time you spend away from her while skiing. At least your new mountain-loving acquaintance will understand your affinity for snow sports.
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The answer to your thread title is: No.
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Originally Posted by OldSchool
The answer to your thread title is: No.
I think the answer is: Yes.

Start a (non-flawed) poll!
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Originally Posted by OldSchool
The answer to your thread title is: No.
Agreed. A love for the mountains is a good thing to have in common, but you can't BASE a relationship on it.
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Some people base a relationship on a lot less than that.........money, security, looks, loneliness, etc. They can be happy as clams with very little.

What do YOU want? Is it skiing, or the mountains? For her, is it JUST Colorado, or could it be Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana or Wyoming's mountains also? If she's into the mountains, that's cool, but if she's into summer mountains (hiking, biking) and not winter mountains............dude.

You could meet some nice girl on Epic, marry her and move to the mountains. It can be done, and done well, eh Jeff?:
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Can u base a relationship on a love of the mountains ?

Sure, as long as one of you is a mountain.

I'm with mudfoot. The two possible outcomes are:
(1) Move to Colorado and live happily married.
(2) Move to Colorado and have the relationship crumble.

Either has to be better than living in Houston.
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1988 i was working in Grand Teton Nat'l Park Wyo, met a woman, at the end of the summer she convinced me to move to Park City,Ut. 1998 we were married, 2003 moved to So Lake Tahoe.
No, you can't base a relation ship on the mtns .
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Let me introduce you to my ex-wife.......PLEASE !
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