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Round Top Mountain, VT

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Anyone out there remember Roundtop Mountain, in Plymouth Union, VT? I made innumerable runs there in the 60s and early 70s. They closed up, probably a victim of the aggressive expansion of Okemo, and to a lesser extent, Killington, sometime around 1980. A nice hill, probably around 1200 vert. It is now reopened as the "Bear Creek Mountain Club," which, I gather operates like a country club for skiers, although I understand they sell lift tickets to the general public.

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That is the plans for Haystack too. A private ski area.
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For us (beginner/intermediate wife and beginner child) this place looks really attractive. They can ski and learn at their own pace without worrying so much about other skiers 'coming down' the mountain.

The Thursday and Friday $40 lift ticket that includes a buffet lunch seems like a really good deal. We won't have to worry about brown bagging our lunch.

If the place is as empty as the author of the article says it is, it is worth a long weekend trip next year.

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I remember Roundtop, though I never skied there. Interesting that it's reopening as a club, thanks for the headsup.
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There is a guy that used to work in my ski school who's family has owned a trailside house at Roundtop since he was a little kid. About 8-10 years ago, another friend and I (and our wives) went up there for 4th of July weekend a couple of times. We would bring our mountain bikes and go mountain biking at Killington, and do some target shooting in the woods. We also happen to each now have an antique center-pole double lift chair (hehehe). It looked like it would have been a decent intermediate ski area, and would probably do well as a country club resort.

I've been back to Killington a few times recently, but never took the opportunity to drive by and see what it looks like. Although I'd imagine an internet search would turn up a web site or something.
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Hey, Stache, thanks for the photo link. That is the main face trail, used to be called "Salt Ash" when I skied there. Brings back memories, but the old area sure didn't have those nice spankin' new towers and chairs.
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