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Pop quiz

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What is pop in a ski? Can you describe it? Have you had skis that really POPPED at the end of a turn? Why do they do this? And what is "loading up the tail"?
Is a "damp" ski one that is without pop?
Does a ski's stiffness (longitudinal, torsionally or otherwise) have anything to do with its potential to...
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I´ve heard that the "pop" is something we can´t put into words. All I can say is the a ski without "pop" is not that hip. It´s like a burger without the steak... You know? Same goes to "damp" and "loading up the tail". They´re all things we can´t explain. They´re like the ball in tennis... You know?
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"Pop" in a ski refers to the skis propopensity to return all of the energy stored when the ski is bent. This is experienced as an acceleration at the transition between turns. "Damp" refers to a ski's propensity to absorb vibrations, and is often associated with a ski without much "pop." So I guess we can describe these things after all.


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I am no engineer or ski tech, but I have experienced the pop. When carving and transitioning between turns, the energy released from my skis actually lifted me off the ground, there was no terrain change. Is there a better feeling then ending one turn and starting another in mid air?
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Couldnna said it better...
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Loading the tail is sort of like when you grab your dog's tail and load up the energy in it. You know when you let go it's going to 'pop' and wag really hard.
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