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Volkl AX3 lengths

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My girlfriend has demoed the AX3 twice in length 163. She is 5'5'', all the current wisdom is steering her to the 156, the 156 come up to her nose. She cannot find a 156 to demo but loves the ski. We ski mostly east coast, with trips out west, but she has other skis for out west anyway (Atomic 9.22 in 170), she has been sking Atomic 10.20 in 170 for east coast. She has demoed about 8 different skis this year is has settled on the AX3. Opinions: should she get the 163 (which comes to the top of her forehead) or go with the untried 156.
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If she is a good skier then get the 724 Pro.
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Go the 156.
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Without a doubt go shorter, 156cm. I'm 5'11" 195lbs and have a BLAST on my 170cm AX3 with the PISTON binding. Get the ski FLAT. I would not go with the Motion System. I believe you can not get that ski with the piston motion binding.

Read my review in the "review" forum. "AX3 170cm" I was back on them yesterday after skiing my 177cm G3's on Saturday. My first thought on Saturday on the G3's was "these skis are to long". I do not have the piston on my G3's, as soon as I can save up the $$$ I will be putting the piston on the G3's.

Back to the AX3, The edge hold on my 170's is equal to or greater then some race skis I have been on. Go with the 156 cm if shes a good skier she should be as amazed as I with the edge hold and pop out of this ski. If not have her take a lesson and learn how to use her new toy's. These things are so much fun my legs can hardly keep up.
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She should be able to get by on the 163, but I think she'd be better off with the 156. Good Luck!
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