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Gear Alert! - Public Enemy 159's for $179.00

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REI has a good price on Public Enemy 159's.

This looks to a good shape for the eastern spring slushies were in now..
$179 looks good..to bad they don't have a 169

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Looking for a pair for my guy - 16, 135lbs and 5'10", very strong skier. Probably too small. He is on Mike Nick 171 right now. He is very interested in the PEs - Karma as well. I told him the Karma may not be appropriate for the East.
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I'm trying to sell a used pair of 2003/2004 179s. Bases/edges are mint, top sheets normal wear and tear. They mount more to the center, so ski pretty short. One of the reason's I'm selling is they ski too short for me. Will sell ski only for $200 (including shipping). E-mail me at eroddivad@hotmail.com if interested. I'm in the Boston area. Heading to Gulf of Slides/Tucks all weekend, but can communicate via e-mail early next week if interested.

As much as I'd like to sell, I'd argue Karmas would be fine for the east - even as an everyday ski. I've skied Pocket Rockets almost exclusively for the last 3 years here in the east and have fallen in love with the wider set up. Rockets have recently broken and currently riding Gotamas (although will only be brought out on real good snow days). The 2004/2005 Gotamas are the best ski I've ever ridden. Arc sweet on groomers and just sick in the pow. Short enough (183cm) to maneuver in the trees if the snow is soft enough. Don't let width deter you. Currently looking for something in the 90-95mm under foot to replace the Rockets given I'll be using the Gotamas selectively. Explosivs most likely and will ski Explosiv and Gotamas only in the east next season. I'm simply too used to a wider ski to enjoy the PEs as much as I once did. Also a little short for me. Even the 179cm skis more like a 175cm. For these reasons, the PEs have seen very little use. Probably under 20 days total (skied on them less than 5 days this year). Rarely in the park, have never seen a rail. Use them more as an all mountain set up.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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There were 179 and 169's a few days ago...

I see the Rossi T Plate 120 bindings that were $119 are now gone, too...

They still have Legend 8800's in the 178-cm length for $349...nice price.
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K2 PEs

Looks like they're sold out.
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Why would the Karma's not be appropriate for the East? I know tons of people in VT that are only skiing the Karma. Make a great BC ski as well as it is the best skiing all mountain twin of the bunch(its not only my opinion, but many on this board and Freeskier magazine)
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