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help with boots, quick!

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I have the oppurtunity to pick up some new boots for under two hundred bux soon and was considering the Nordica Trend 5.2 boot. I am 175 cm tall riding on Beta Carv 9.18s in 170 and i am about 175 lbs. I do mostly freeriding and carving and need to know if these are decent boots for about a level 7 skier. Thanx in advance, please help.
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C'mon, you guys, I need some help
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# 1 the most important thing about boots is the fit . I have had people come to me that paid over $600 for boots but they were the wrong size or not the right shape for thier foot.The trend is Nordicas low end line and is higher volumn and is a beginner transition boot , they use it for rentals also.Also rember Nordica packs down more than most boots , so if it feels perfect after 10 minutes ,it will be too loose after a couple of days of skiing. I got the orginal Beast last year and the first 3 hrs I wore them around the house my feet fell asleep , and after 20 days skiing last year they felt a little loose.Let me know if you want more info.
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If EVER you took your time to make a purchase, your boot selection should be it. The fit of your boots is going to determine your enjoyment factor on skis for years to come. Do not skimp or try to save $ for the sake of a "good deal" when it comes to boots. I've been there, and have paid the price.

Now, to answer your question, Nordica's Trend series is a low to middle range boot for weekend skiers who put comfort before all else. I would suggest that you try a high end Nordica boot in a similar size, just to get a feel for the differences. Mrs. Skicrazy skied a pair of Trends for several years and really liked them. However, after getting into a pair of higher end boots, she now realizes that the Trends had needed to be replaced for some time. You may also find that the Nordica fit is not for you at all!
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I am one of those dummies who paid a lot of money for boots and found that they were all wrong in both size and type. There is a world of difference between a boot that feels and looks good in the store ond what will make you feel and look good on the mountain (especially after skiing in the boot for a few days and it begins to 'pack out' and get really loose (you lose all control of your skis and the thrill is gone). Read about what makes a good fit and what a decent bootfitter will do to help you get the most boot for your money. Try http://www.bootfitters.com

This is the equipment to spend money on if you have to and take your time.... You will be repaid many times for the care you take.
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