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The BEST Epic Party!!!!

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Kudos to Uncle Louie!!! I've been to many Epic parties, even hosted a few myself, but this one took the cake!! It was like one of those dreams where everyone you know shows up in the same place. Madmike, Fisherman, Brklyntrac, CGrandy, Bong, Mikewil and others all gathered for the best Epic party ever!

The high point of the evening was an unexpected guest: COMPREX!!!! I know I'm going to make him blush again, but Comprex is as iconoclastically brilliant in person as he is on this board!

This was the first Epic party where people actually danced! When they started playing "Mambo Italiano," I just couldn't help myself. My PT is probably going to give me hell tomorrow, but what the heck, it's better than sitting home watching movies all night.

Meeting Joan Heaton was another high point of the evening. Just listening to her talk, I feel as if I'd had a day on the slopes.

Thanks to Uncle Louie and everyone else for making me feel more alive than I've felt all month!
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Ok Uncle Louie...I expect another one on the Saturday of the last weekend.

...please That would be the 16th just so ya know.
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How good could it have been...I wasn't there!?!
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Neither was I!

We tried to get a party together when we were there, but we got kicked out of the place we were in before we even got started.
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Hey Bonni and Clyde (Phil)-------That's what you get for not accepting my invite for ALL Bears to attend

Side note-----Bonni, move out of that State you are in......you can get a GOOD paying job and buy the condo !

(That's the only reason we don't get thrown out )

Lisa---a few folks have mentioned they may be in the area that weekend........I'll see what I can do !
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I'm coming out for the last hurrah at Loveland -- will you throw another party then???

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klkaye----dates ? PM me.

There is an outside chance for something the weekend of the 16th, but all this action is wearing Joan down !

But then again-----you know how public influence can be !
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Would love to see you folks again on the 16th, but don't wear Joan down!
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