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Ski with a dog...

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I'll be in UT yet again, probably to close out this season for me. Apr. 11-16.

I'll be looking to hit Snowbasin, and Alta/Bird. I'll probably ski 3 or 4 days. I'll be staying at The Canyons, so if any PC bears want to meet for a brew or three, holla at me.
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C'mon now, I don't bite, ask Lisamarie.

Revision: Arriving 10 am Sun 4/10, skiing The Canyons 1/2 day.
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Xdog, I too had no bites on skiing with a dog this year in Utah. I don't know what's up but the locals are either ignoring this thread or they don't like dogs. Oh well, but the last few years I hooked up a couple of times with some pretty nice people. Here's looking to better times on the part of the Utah locals.

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Maybe you dogs need to come to Colorado next spring. A lot of friendly bears here. LewBob
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I didn't even know what was in here until I peeked... May want to reconsider the subject next time...?
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