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Patatonia Soft Shell (White Smoke)

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I'll start with all the standard disclaimers - no affiliation what so ever to Patagoinia.

So.. Last week I skied Keystone and Breck during 40 degree Sunny days in my new Patagonia soft shell (non insulated). Compared to any other jacket I have worn claiming breathability, this soft shell was head and shoulders above them all and I fully endorse it over any laminate/gortex/wind-stop type system.

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White Smoke has been our patrol coat this season and I love it but have a serious problem with the front zipper, kinda flimsy for a coat of this caliber.
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I don't understand the benefit of soft shell over gortex. 3-ply gortex with pit zips is lighter and I think with the pit zips open it would breath better. With the pit zips closed I think it might be warmer. It seems to me gortex with fleece inside would work in a wider range of temps. By the way, I have pit zips in my fleece too.

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response to pit zips

I agree the Patagonia White SMoke should consider a beefier front zipper pull and maybe even inner zippers to the large front/core ventalating pockets to allow ventalating and secure storage at the same time.

AS far as Gortex/3 with pit zips - Haven't you ever soaked your foreare with sweat from the lack of arm breathability? Pit zips are great for goretex, but this soft shell seemed amazing in comparison with more consistant temperature regulation throughout.

What ever works, but for someone who skis hard like most of us, I do recommend giving it a try. Now, caveat, much over 40 degrees F, I can not vouch for the breathability being enough to keep you cool. But we all know that at some point, even in a T-Shirt we all sweat. :-)

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Softshells are WAY more breathable than 3 ply gore-tex. It's the difference between wearing a garbage bag and wearing, well, a softshell.

I wasn't sold on the softshell thing either untill I wore it all season. Much more breathable, seems about as warm, and keeps you dry in everything but a downpour. I'm convinced that the way to go is softshell top and hardshell pants.
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Softshells are great but for any kind of extended backcountry trip, I'd rather stick with a hard shell. I probably wouldn't bother bringing both on that trip either.
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