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Squaw- Sunday 4-10-05

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I'll be there with 2 buddies. Any locals want to show me the good stuff? I've never been there.
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I won't be there, but make sure get to the "sliverado" chair if it is open, there is a lot of good stuff, in addtion to the KT22 chair. You cannot get to the silverado from the base lodge, you have to ski down from the Emrald or Granit Chief to reach the "silverado area". There are 4 or 6 gates you can take to ski down to the silverado chair.
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Actually you can go to Silverado from High camp (where the cable car disembarks), tops of Emigrant, Gold Coast Express and Siberia Express. The latter two involve a fairly long traverse. You can't get there from Granite Chief.
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