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Grease on my new jacket

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Does anyone have a good method of removing grease stains from your ski jacket? I just noticed I've got a big nasty stain on mine. I tried everything I could think of but I think I'm stuck with it on there. : :

Thanks for the help.
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Post some specifics.
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Put some Lestoil on it. (a cleaning product)
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Originally posted by Scalce:
Post some specifics.
It looks like I ended up with a big grease stain on the jacket. The stain is about as big in diameter as a silver doller, maybe a little bit bigger. There are also some lone lines as well. It looks like some grease dripped on the back of the chair and I ended up sitting on it and rubbed it in.
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I've had this happen a few times ,sometimes you can get lucky and get it out.
What I do is try to isolate the area of the stain by pulling the outer shell out away from the jacket and wrap a heavy rubber band around it , this way it won't spread when you start to put a cleaner on. There are only so many things that will break grease down (and not eat your jacket) and most of them are solvents .
I have used "WD40" with good results . Don't soak the area just work at it with a small amount at a time on a rag , eventually you will get a fair bit in the material and you have to get it out or it will spread . Take a vacume and use it right over the area , it will take the solvent out with the grease at the same time. You may have to repeat this process a couple times , but get every bit of solvent out (lay it flat and use vacume) "let it dry and air out" , then give it a good dose of laundry stain remover before washing the garment.
Stay away from thinners , they are usually to strong and will eat the material , you will also have to use a waterproofing treatment again.
I did this with my daughters red jacket last season and it worked awsome .
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Heh, it's not grease.
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Try Dawn dishwashing soap or you could try some of that Orange Clean stuff. I've not had the luck that Oxi-clean promises so I wouldn't recommend that. Lemon juice cuts grease and oil too, you might want to soak it and rub it with the juice from a real lemon or two. Also, that semi-abrasive handsoap that mechanics use to remove the grease from their hands may work.
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brake cleaner
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Duct tape! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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