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Good instructional racing videos?

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Does anyone know of a good instructional racing video (or videos)? I am looking to learn as much as possible in the offseason, in addition to my insatiable appetite for World Cup racing on OLN. Please let me know if you know of anything that might fit the bill. Thanks!
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kids or adults? Are you looking for coaching info or for your own use.

A good Kids video, if you can find it is Alpine skiing for Kids/ ages 7 and up.
By "kids coach"
Don't know if the company is still around.

Kids Coach
6 south park St
Lebanon, New Hampshire. 03766
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This would just be for myself. No kids...yet.
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The USSA Alpine Fundamentals CD-ROM is a good place to start. From there, the CD-ROM on tactics would probably be a good place to go.

Any of the CSCF World videos from the last 3 years are excellent for showing what the top racers do in and out of the gates. The Windows of Opportunity video is aimed at coaches that deal with younger racers, but is also a good reference.

I'm less fond of the videos that show winning runs or segments of runs, as they primarily show situational tactics and less of fundamental skills and drills to acheive them. They have their value, but can easily be misinterpreted. I use them as something to watch while working out.

The Aamodt tape is interesting, although a lot of the technique is a bit dated.

Ellen Post Foster has some good reference material aimed at younger athletes, and Lisa Feinberg Densmore's Ski Faster is a pretty good read.

Hope this is a good start.
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Check out Al Hobart at shapeski.com. BTW, I am not Al.
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1) Remember that much of higher sports performance is conceptual.
2) Try the video links at both Janica Kostelic's and Ivica Kostelic's websites. It's free, you can run them as much as you want and possibly download them. Both are both fine technicians and tacticians. Janica knows the line and has minimal preparation in biomechancially setting up a turn or in transitioning from turn to turn. Because of these two things, her timing is good and she is rarely rarely rushed and, as a result, doesn't get behind, which is really the key to higher level racing.
3) I'd get the winning runs DVD's. Watch sections of races and then close your eyes and imagine you are doing these segments.
4) Finally, close you eyes and imagine yourself running the gates on the courses you did this year. Can you actually keep your mental focus and get through an entire course in your mind?
5) If you lose your focus, gently bring your mind back to the task at hand.
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I've got the Al Hobart DVD, and think it's pretty good if you want to focus on carving. There is some coverage of racing lines & strategy also, but the primary intent seems to be recreational and advancing skiers learning to best utilize shaped skis with more modern technique.

I'd buy a sequel if he develops one.
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you can't go past the Canadian Ski Coaches training videos they are no doubt the best check out www.snowpro.com they have various ones like world cup inspirationals and training exercises
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