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Rival RX opinions?

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any thoughts on a Rival RX for an advanced intermediate with big calves? Do the flex inserts and the canting lock stiffen the boot adequately for higher performance as my skiing improves.

i have a very normal foot shape but a big, high muscular in my lower leg...i have had a great deal of trouble finding anything with adequate cuff room that wasnt as soft as a wet noodle.

any thoughts appreciated.

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I've had the RX for I think 3? 4? full seasons now and have yet to put in the inserts... not that they don't work, they do... I just think longitudinal stiffness isn't as much of an issue for freeskiing with today's skis. I'm probably a low advanced (7-groomed 6- ungroomed) and these boots work for me from cruising to mild bumps to mild Nastar to whatever. Planning to ski them into the ground.
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The boot comes with two different stiffness inserts. If you prefer a stiffer boot, then put in the stiffer one (yellow insert). They really do make a difference. That said, they will not get as stiff as the Diablo Race, but they start out stiffer than the Diablo Flame and with the inserts, I would say they are as stiff as the Diablo Fire.

But that said, if the last is not right for your foot shape, don't buy them. A good bootfitter can widen and flair the cuff of the boot which best fits you foot. I would start with the best foot fit then let a good fitter spread the cuff. I ski in the Rival RX myself (extremely wide feet---4E) and still had to have the cuffs flaired. Make sure you have a good boot fitter! In NH, I would HIGHLY reccomend Dan Lewis at Stan and Dan Sport in North Conway. He is first rate. He carries Technicas if you need them and others.
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Love my RX's

I ski about 130 days a year and have a huge calve and very wide foot. This is the first boot I have ever owned that did not require major surgery. With the insert applied and inherent construction, this boot performs great. Unless you are a masters or FIS racer you will not outperform them.
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