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Strolz Boots

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Has any one ever gotten a pair of Strolz custom fit in Europe at one of their shops. I have heard and read that they do a tremedous amount of custom work, even beyond foam and inserts. Actually customizing shell length as part of standard routine fit. Just wondering whether any one had direct experience. By the way, it seems like buying a pair off the shelf, within their limited US distribution, would be a waste time--but if any one has experience with that I'd like to hear. Thanks.
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I don't have any experience with Strolz Custom fit in Europe. I agree if your gooing to pay that much for a ski boot it better be a true custom boot. But you don't have to go to Europe to get a true custom made boot. In Salt Lake City there is the only custom Bootmaker in this country. Notice I didn't say Bootfitter but Bootmaker. DaleBoot is the only custom Bootmaker in the USA. If your looking for a boot made just for your foot, I would get in touch with Daleboot. They have a web page DalebootUSA.com I don't work for Daleboot. I have just seen to many Utah locals who have had problems with thier ski boots switch to Daleboots and thier Foot problems go away. By They way they aren't anymore expencive then any of the top of the line boots from Tecnica, Salomon or Atomic. As I recall they are about $550.00
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I've seen tyhem made at their shop in Lech. The mix and match different shell parts to get a good fit, and then put metal feet in them with little metal bunions and things on them to blow out certain areas. They also serve champagne on silver trays while they work on your boots!
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My 80 year old mother lovers hers. She wouldn't be skiing without them. She had hers fit at Performance in Aspen by Tom.
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Opps missed this before,

Had Strolz boots fitted in Lech and Vienna. Lech had a lot more shells to offer than my local sports shop. No such thing as standard feet but if your feet are out of the ordinary Strolz are a good way to go. They have different off the shelf shells for different types of feet (e.g. wide feet, thin ankles, race etc). If they don't have a shell to fit they can make a custom boot (although I didn't need this). They are not a true race boot but my feet have never been comfortable in any other boot.

Free Schnapps just before the foaming helps .......


If you need any more info just let me know.


PS Strolz also do a boot that can be used for skiing and snowboarding.

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