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Originally Posted by disski
From what I have seen the average recreational skier does not have much interest in info.... unless it is on the toys etc they can acquire...

I have watched gob-smacked while a student insisted that he did NOT do any of the things the instructor was telling him he was doing.... & that he DID do all the things the instructor wanted him to try already... It totally confounded me - I THOUGHT people took lessons to learn... seems NOT in most of the fellow students I have met....

I have had a supposed "expert" that had never had a lesson tell me (intermediate skier) that it was physically impossible to ski the local hill before 11am - despite the fact I was out skiing from 8:30am...

The thing is these people will not take the info in no matter how well you present it - it does not match their idea of what skiing is about - so they can't see it... Just as skiers like me cannot envisage NOT learning these guys are unable to make the mind leap required for them to learn.

having said that - some decent info readily & frequently updated would be nice for those of us that are information addicts.... but do not expect high sales volumes
I come from the other side of the fence in that I'm an average skier who took up the sport later in life. Maybe i'm the exception, but i'll read, watch videos, take lessons everytime i'm on ski vacation and sit on the side of teaching runs and watch skiers and instructors go by hoping to pick up something to help me ski better.

I really do believe that written and video information geared towards public usage by PSIA would be widely accepted. A case in point is Lito's and HH"s books and videos. I've had to re-order his videos because of over playing the first ones. His style of skiing is widely accepted by new comers to the sport for the simple reason of availability of his product. Go to any ski related retailer and I bet you find his books and videos/cds. There is a large segment of beginer/intermediate type skiers who yearn for instuctional information in multi media formats. This is the main reason i love epic so much. Tons of info here from instruction to equipment. One big difference i find between PSIA and PMTS is that PSIA is geared totally towards the instructor and has very little to offer the student. PMTS, however, gives the skier/student top billing then tells them that we can make you expert skiers by following our easy, simple to learn, steps. It will gut hookum' almost everytime. I guess PSIA is here as a inter-professional organization more than an outward marketing tool to increase ski school enrollment.
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FYI - The old study guides are available for download in pdf format on the Rocky Mountain Dvision website

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As usual, this bulletin board sparks thoughts in me...I have quite a few old manuals dating back to the 70s....I just couldn't get rid of them even though, it seemed like so many things we do are now different.

Think I'll take a look at them again and see what I learn. I do remember thinking the old manuals weren't very good at explaining some of the concepts. But maybe it was me.

Glad to see that they are online too.
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Originally Posted by Si
I don't see how any sports instruction certification program can exist without something like a teaching system as its basis.

What exactly is a system? Could it be flow charted or mapped? How about handy flip cards

I spent the bulk of my career working for a medium sized municipal agency. The city that I worked for hired a well known gentleman from New York city to come and head our department.

The first thing he did was to throw out our 300 page manual and replace it with a document 1/10 it's size.

The rationalization? Hire the right folks, train them well, allow them to gain experience on the job and don't allow them to be crippled by a manual.

You don't see how a sports certification program can exist without a teaching system because you have long been a proponent of something with the word system in it's name.

I have a wonderful system at my disposal and it is called GCT. The GCT concept is available here;

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