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volkl g2

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got a chance to pick up a new pair of leftover volkl g2 vertigo 156 cm with motion for my son - 18yr old, little about 135 lbs and about 5'4" - he makes open parallel turns at best and is not aggressive skier...current ski is a fischer revolution pursuit 150. He has no interest in a park ski(twin tip) just likes to cruise.

Price is right, is the ski? Couple of comments would be appreciated.
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IMO that would be good for him to develop his skills on. It should be a fun ski for him. for a few seasons.
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Probably a good choice if he's not too aggressive. My 10-1/2 year old son (4' 6", 105 lbs., level 7) skis a 149 AX2 motion. This year it's been great for him, but next year we may move up to a short Gotama or Karma to get more float, more off trail stability, and more surface area to land on.
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