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Need advice for beginner skis

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I just started skiing this season and consider myself an advanced beginner as I feel comfortable skiing the easier intermediate slopes. I consider myself a level I skiier looking to move up to level II. I am a woman, 5 feet 4 inches, 125 pounds.

I'd like some advice on which skis to buy. A few I've been looking at on eBay include:

Elan 7.0 skis, 148
Fischer RC4 skis, 150
Atomic Race 6 skis, 150
K2 Freedom skis, not sure of length, specs are given as "K2 FREEDOM SIX 6^3 THREE, Dimension-99/68/88, Sidecut-13.0mm"

Any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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Welcome to epic. If you can ski on blue's with some confidance your much better then a level I or II skier. It can be confussing but PSIA ranks skiers between level 1-9. 1 being a never ever, 9 being a high level expert. Now PSIA insturctors are level I-III.

It sounds like your a level 5 skier.

Have you had your boots fitted to your feet? Boots are the most important part. Most skis ski fine for your level. You'll find that skis have a different feel. If your going to get serious I would have you save your money until next season and find a shop you can trust and then demo next season.

If you tell us where you live we can help stear you in the right direction.
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You need a lot more information before even begining to recommend a ski for a particular person. Things such as:

The region you are in or plan to spend most of your time skiing. If you are in the east and will be spending more time on icy/hardpack versus powder of the west.

How many times will you be skiing a year and the level of committment and your aspirations ...... a very tough question.

On e-bay the unsuspecting can take a bath on equipment if they don't quite understand what they are buying. You may end up with a shot-out demo ski that is at the end of it's useful life.

You may also be paying an inflated rate to have bindings mounted when you walk into a shop with your e-bay bargains. Two weeks ago I was about to buy bindings from a shop .... a high end $$$$ binding no less .... to have mounted on skis that I bought from one of our fellow bears. The shop wanted $80 just for mounting since I didn't buy the skis there. I'm sure this is a reaction to the e-bay action since it hurts the shops, they don't sell you the skis but you want the service. $80 is twice the going rate.

Boots are even a bigger issue than skis. Fit is critical! Try on several brands at a few shops. Make an afternoon of it. It's worth it in the long run and make sure they will be willing to make adjustments or replace the boots it there are problems. I'd stay away from the big retail stores. The only qualification to sell skis and boots is that you have a pulse.

And no .... I do not and have never worked for a ski shop.

You are probably better staying on the short side (150'ish) but you don't want to buy a beginner ski that you will grow out (flex wise) of if you are going to spend time and effort and have a reasonable degree of dedication.
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More info

Thanks for your suggestions so far. This is really helpful!

I live in Southern California so will probably spend most of my time skiing around here or possibly also in Northern California.

I only plan on skiing recreationally but I do want to get much better and, although I can't predict the future, next season I'd like to go about 1-2 times a month.

I'm now definitely reconsidering my purchasing options. I know that for boots I'll definitely need to get fitted and I've found some good threads on this site for advice there.

Any further advice about purchasing skis, boots, bindings, and poles would be greatly appreciated though. I don't know the first thing about all this, such as getting bindings mounted, how to know what bindings will work with what skis and what boots will work with what bindings, etc.

Also, I'm definitely on a budget, so would love advice for how to keep it semi-affordable. Thanks so much for all your help so far!!
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There are several threads related to your search for new skis. You may try to look a some of them. Several women have had great things to say about K2's women's skis. REI has some great deals on skis atomic, volkl ect, but limited sizes. REI will ship to your local store at no cost. Your best deal maybe to get a ski/binding set-up. Several skis come this way, this would make the binding decision eaiser and the cost is usually better. Also there are a few people on here who work at/own shops. You might try to contact them. One would be dawgcatching.
Good Luck
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All boots will fit any bindings. You may want to check the boot fitters guide on the top of this site. Boot fitters work at the same shop where you'll buy your skis from. They may be able to work out a package deal now where you can make payments over the summer.

Good luck and keep us posted, we're here to help and learn.

PS you may want to check out www.skipress.com I think that is it, they have a good review edition that comes out in the early Fall. You can check last years online for more info.
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