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Last Day at Wa

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This Sunday is the last day at Wachusett $15 tix ($10 in advance). $.25 dogs on the deck. Tubing. Band at 3:00 in the bar. Should be fun.
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I should be there early for a couple of hours. Hoping they don't check passes, as I don't think my century pass is valid. I'm going to just come and see if they accept it.

Blue coat/helmet/Fischer RX-8 skis, technica rival boots.

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wachusett hot doggies

Planning on first chair up pre 0800(tho my tennis and golf buddies are after me - I might get highjacked) red karbon jkt, tnt explosions....volkl platinums with mrrs, prob a st patty's day green sox cap backwards....I expect the sleeves will come off the jkt pretty quick tho....and I'll be outta there as soon as a line forms....
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Definitely going tomorrow morning, in the lodge before 8. I'll be with a friend who's on a snowboard, so look for two 40 ish (well I look 40 ish anyway) guys with big grins on their faces. Me RX-8's and blue coat/helmet.

learn2turn - how will I know you?

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Me, I'm one of the guys with a red Karbon parka with black and white trim and matching red pants. I think there are a lot of guys that dress like me at Wa if you know what I mean:-) If it's warm, I may bag the parka and wear an off-white cotton pull-over. Lot's of guys have those too.

I'm on orange Atomic R11s and will probably be skiing with a bunch of people dressed kinda like I am :-)

-Ken (Wa Learning Center)
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Hey Ken, yeah I guess I should've known that well I'll look for an instructor on R11's but it's a better chance that you'll recognize me than I'll recognize you.

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