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Gotama side wall cracking ?WTF?

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: I just noticed that the side wall on my 05 (Still under warranty)Gotama's
is cracked in 2 different places. I took them in to the shop and buddy told me that the wooden side wall is just cosmetic and didn't think that it would be covered under warranty. The cracks run parallel with the sandwich construction of the sidewall, and one is quite deep about 5mm into the side of the ski and runs about 4cms in length.

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem?

And I don't trust the guy I spoke to at the shop cause he has given me and other people the run a round before.
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The guy at the shop is DEAD WRONG. Many people have received repairs or new gotamas under the volkl warranty program related to sidewall cracking.

It may be cosmetic but it is an issue worth taking to the next level. Contact volkl. Take pictures or the defect and date them. Don't listen to the shop tech.

FWIW you prolly will get a pair of 05-06 gots outta their warranty program.
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Thanks, thats what I figured. How could moisture not get inside the ski?
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The 05-06's have p-tex side wall. I think Volkl finally got the memo about wood sidewalls.
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the nice thing is, if you're warrantied this year, your gonna get an 05-06 replacement.
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Just looked at my Gotamas, I skied them twice, so far no cracks, how many times did you ski them until they appeared?
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I have skied on them all winter, but I am a every weekend warrior, not sure when the cracks actually showed up but I do all my own tuning so I would have noticed earlier.
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I plan on skiing my gotamas on deep inbounds/outbounds pow days only. So i hope skiing them for their specific use will lime the stress on the sidewalls.

Mantras will get the call when touring or hunting for pow stashes on days after storms.

(caveat) I know in another thread I said I was getting 8800's but I found brand new in plastic 04/05 gotamas for 400 bucks, no tax and skied the mantra recently too. So I am making them my two ski quiver, along with my 3 year old axis xp's for rock/hardpack skiing.

You quiver centric people have rubbed off on me and now some of my tax return is fueling my obsession.
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CraCKeD GoTamA

I have had mine since about this time last year and first noticed the cracks summer whilst skiing up north. I notified Volkl and they offered a replacement, but I just did not want to part with them. So I did not and they are holding up great, the upgrade for 05/06 will definitely help this kickin ski. My 2 cents that this is cosmetic, with all the resin in the sidewalls the chances of water getting into the core are slim to none.

Just my 2 cents may be worth nothing!
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One guy I talked said he put Murphy's oil on them. I was thinking that for storage in the summer it could be a good idea to put on some kind of oil to keep the wood from drying out more, not sure if it would be beneficial or not.
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