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Here's a nifty one. As many of you know, Alta changed it's trail map this year. In years past, much of the mountain wasn't named (at least on the map). It was the subject of numerous "complaints", as in "You've only got 30 runs..." Just for the record, when you've been around since 1938 EVERYTHING has a name. (To view the old map click ) With the new change, the went the total opposite direction. Now the maps got over 100 trails on it. Now you might not find a sign for each of these, but at least we can test folks orienteering skills. Many of us that work there were wondering how the picked some names to put on the map and not others. While poking around on the Alta interactive map today I found that many of the "un-named" runs on the map will show up of you scroll your cursor over them on the interactive map. Watch for your cursor to change from a pointer to a finger and then hold steady. I'd start with the Mt. Baldy area as most of the cutes are linked like this. It's kinda of like exploring the ski area online. Have fun and enjoy!!!