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Dale Boots

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I'm contemplating buying a pair of Dale Boots mail order, and I have some questions that the Bears might help me with.

My Background:
Short fat feet (mens 7-1/2, EEE).

I was Bootfitted at the BootDoctors in Taos a couple of years ago and I have cants under the bindings of my skis as a result. (Their initial try was left 1/2% outside high and right 1-1/2% inside high. After feedback they went to no canting on left ski and 1% inside high on the right.) I would much prefer canted boots so that I could switch skis and try new skis.

My Questions:

Are the boot sole cants adjustable after I purchase the boots, so that I could hone-in on "perfect" alignment over time?

Can the boots be canted either way, i.e. inside high or outside high?

How fine are the canting adjustments, 1%, 1/2%, etc?

All-in-all, would you recommend these boots.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.
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Probably best to contact Daleboot directly about the canting Qs. Thier email addy is daleboot@dalebootusa.com

I know the cant is adjutable, but it's done with different toe/heel pieces that snap off/on.

I like mine, but there is one of the few Daleboot retailers local to me who has been selling them for 20 years and he did some minor bootfitting work to fine tune the liner to my feet.
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