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Rossi 140 Axial or FKS 155 binding

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I already purchased a Rossi Axial 140 binding for my Mantras but they haven't been shipped yet, so I can cancel the order

today I found a brand new Rossi FKS 155 (15 DIN) binding for the same price, and as many of you know, it has the same bomber construction as the P18 (metal wings, etc)

question: I've read the detailed thread on bending the P18 brakes to fit wide skis on TGR, but it seems like a pain in the butt if you don't have shop tools

should I just go for with the 140 w/ wide brakes or is the FKS 155 so killer a binding due to the metal housing and durability that I should buy it and just bend the brakes to fit the wider skis

I heard that bending them doesn't really leave enough to slow the ski, so this could be a problem


p.s. also read that the FKS binding only releases from the sides, not "multi directionally' like the retail 140 does.....is this a problem in an accident? ie are knees more at risk with this binding?

I need to decide by tomorrow
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If you don't feel comfortable with the bending, you have probably answered your
own question.
The only surprise I have had with 120 axials is that they took a little more wear
from my boot cleanings (i scrape off snow on the toepieces). I'll be more careful in
the future. Why couldn't you mix and match the 155 toepieces with the 140 heels?
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anybody else have experience w/ the FKS series?
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Isn't the FKS the same as the Look ZR? With a true turntable instead of the pivot? If you ski really hard and aggressive get the all metal.
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You don't need shop tools. All you need is a vise, a piece ov pipe (electrical conduit) and a pair of vice grips.

With the boot in the binding, put the ski in the vise and put the pipe over the brake. Bend it out. Now grab the brake with the vise grips next to the heel housing, put your pipe on the brake and bend it back. After a couple of tries, they will look like they were made that way.

I have done it to several pairs without breaking any.
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Well I have an older pair of fks's and I like my axial's better. The fks's are a pain to get in and out of and the axial works great unless you are going 50+mph. The fks are very durable..I got mine used and they were like 6 years old. If you want the fks, get an older pair before the axial came out on ebay for cheap money. The current fks is the same as some of the ones used 5+ years ago.
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