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Congrats to RicB!!!

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How about some noise for our own RicB, who passed the Level III yesterday with high honors (having uncorked it in the bumps, I'm told). Ric also earned the honor of Most Improved Skier of the Bridger Bowl Snowsports School at the annual awards banquet. This morning we had a rare opportunity to ski together with my husband and Big Dave, a supervisor in the school, the last day of the season in the variable outcome of a snowstorm that dropped almost of foot of wet powder that had been cured by a stiff breeze overnight. Sunny skies changed the snowpack each run, but where it was in shade, the snow was sublime, nectar. It was so much fun to ski with you, Ric, it's always fun to ski with a group of good skiers, it makes it a little more exciting and challenging trying to keep up. Thanks and congratulations, your skiing has gone through the roof but thank God this is skiing and there's always room to grow. Your knowledge is so much more than Level III there's no comparison, but as you know there's a limitless supply of what you don't know, because the more you know the more questions there are.

For the over-50 candidates for Level III, here's your role model: a guy whose age is not relevant to his level of performance--it would be absurd to cut Ric any slack, he outskis and outteaches the other candidates as it is.
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Yeah Ric!!!!!!!!
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Awright, Ric! Way to go! One of these days, we'll make some turns together!
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Congrats Ric!
L-III is both a foundation for, and a license to, learning un-distracted by jumping thru hoops.
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Great Job, Ric. All these arguments must have paid off in the end (just kidding).
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Congratulations - way to go!
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Great job!
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Congratulations, RicB--

Well deserved. On a more personal level, I'm especially glad to hear this, since I understand that there's a secret level III pin that amplifies brainwaves, so your explanation of "strong inside half" can now finally penitrate my thick skull.**


*An homage

**Although this really isn't a fair test. My thick skull has really astonishing powers to repell certain basic good advice.
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Way to go

three Cheers, RICB!

quite the accomplishment....

the rest of us can dream, right?
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yaHOOO, Ric! well done!
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Woo Hoo!! Congrats Ric!
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Nice job after Nolo's review....why not just keep right on going up the ladder !
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I add my Congrats as well.

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Congrats & Best Regards!

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Nolo, I actually would have prefered to keep it quite. Thanks though, you are way to kind and generous.

My examiners were Dave Casto a long time NRM examiner and Nick Herrin, current Dteam member. The exam was at big sky. They ran a very professional exam, built for success and not failure.

My wife has been really sick and I had only 3 hours of sleep before the second day, so it was a challenge to perform, but I guess I did okay. Following Nick and Dave down the challenger on dust on crust in flat light will test the best.

I would say that I'm much more proud of my recognition in my own ski school and the role I have grown into there, along wiht being number two in requests privates when I don't work weekends, than my pin.

We had a really strong group and a great bunch of folks. Congrats to Eric Sheckleton, our division vice president, who is a long time snowboard examiner, who got his level 111 alpine in our group.

Congrats to our ski school who had 100% pass rate at level lll and two, alpine and nordic. Here's to hoping our snowboard candidates have equal success this week. What a great place to work!!!

Thanks to the mountain, and most importantly, thanks to my students most of all. Thay are my real teachers. What a great year.

Thanks to everyone here for the conversations over the years and the kind words.

SSH, I got a five on equipment choice. Yep, MB5's. Ha!

Yes the journey will continue. Later, RicB.
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Way to go on your Level Ric!
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Congratulations Ric... Way to go for us old guys

Rick H
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Hey, way to go, RicB:

Nice to hear about your, er, mature, status, also. Gives a lot of us "over 50s" some hope for LIII.

I also enjoy and appreciate your many and very thoughtful and civil posts during my time on site.

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Awesome! Over 50... I guess I'd better stop making excuses and get serious about giving this a go next season. Top work Ric.
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congrats Ric....

You are still one of the instructors I want to ski with - with or without a level 3 - but I am sure you are happier now it is done....

Yes ant - pull the finger out ....
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Oops. Sorry for spilling the beans, Ric, but you just might inspire some people to give it a shot who might otherwise have used their advanced decrepitude as an excuse.
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No worries Nolo. Feel free to use me as a role model against, what was it, "Advanced Decrepetude".

Yes Disski, a good one to have in the rear view mirror, and I will like the raise. Someday maybe we'll get the opportunity to ski together. Later, RicB.
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Originally Posted by RicB
what was it, "Advanced Decrepetude".
Forget about it. As I tell people, I'm not old, I'm experienced.

Congrats Ric!! It's a worthy accomplishment that you worked hard to achieve.
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Well, OK Ric. Now perhaps those who place value on such things will open their ears a bit wider to what your unconventional knowledge. Good luck blazing trail.
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What a great accomplishment! Congratulations from one who reads you often.
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Hey Florida-soon-to-be-Colorado-Rick! I guess I'm glad I posted if it brought you out of the swamp.
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Congrats RicB ,
Not a surprise..
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Congratualtions! That's pretty sweet!!!
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Originally Posted by nolo
Hey Florida-soon-to-be-Colorado-Rick! I guess I'm glad I posted if it brought you out of the swamp.
Thanks for noticing my absence Nolo. Got one foot in and one foot out of the swamp right now. This mountain man is half way back where he belongs.
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