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Question about crossover/crossunder

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So I had an interesting experience skiing today, and I want to learn more about it. I hope I can explain this well enough to make sense. Here's a try. Before today, in order to initiate a non-carved turn, I normally straighten my legs just before crossover. I don't straighten them all the way, but I definitely unbend the knees somewhat, and then bend them more towards the middle of the turn. Today, I did the opposite. I bent my knees at the end of the turn, bent them even lower during crossover (or is this a crossunder?), and then gradually extended my legs towards the middle part of the turn. The feeling I got during the transition was of my knees getting pushed up towards my chest. It was very easy to initiate a turn, and my short radius turns were much more fluid than before. Any thoughts on what's going on here?
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Way to go! You discovered the evolutionary path from cross-over to cross-under. You now know that it is easier to relax the legs to let go and flow from turn to turn than to stiffen them against the flow, forcing an up and over transition (pole-vault or huck-over). :

By flexing you legs thru the transition, you are letting your CM flow more directly, and efficiently, from the inside of one turn to the next. By extending your legs thru the middle of the turn you are creating stacked, or long and strong, legs to support the pressure that will build as the skis loop out and around and back toward the path of the body. That leg length also allows you greater range of motion in your suspension system to manage pressure thru the turn. When compressed or flexed in the middle of the turn, you can only tighten muscles to deal with increased pressure , with the longer legs you can relax them to reduce excess pressure.

The fluid feeling in short turns comes from keeping your skis engaged and your balance connected with the snow. The old up and over disengage and disconnect that then requires a re-connect to re-balance and re-engage is not to condusive to skiing with the feeling of rhythm and flow you have now discovered.

Keep experimenting with it and adjusting the timing and direction of your release of your CM into the next turn. :
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Originally Posted by sonja_sonja
Any thoughts on what's going on here?
You're learning to ski. Or at least another often more efficient way to ski.
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positive breakthrough

Its a good thing. Like Arc said, you have discovered how to better manage the pressures that build throughout a turn, and gotten your CM moving more efficiently towards the center of each new turn creating nice rythem and flow.

If your short radius turns feel better, too, your are definitely on the right track.

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It's my understanding the "crossover" is when your body crosses over the skis - skis don't change their path. Similarly, "crossunder" is when your body remains in the same place and the skis change path and cross under the body.

Sonja - sounds like you "crossed over".
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