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Newbie Ski Reccomendation Needed

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Hello..I just started alpine skiing this year. I have X County and Skate Skied for years but just picked up Alpine sports.

I took a package of 10 lessons at a resort near me over the winter. A lot of the technique came quickly such as how to wedge, wedge turn etc as I have experience already on X Country. I pretty much jumped right into trying to paralell ski and working on correct stance and posture etc. I am at the point now where I can pretty much keep my skis paralell although I skid my turns and do not yet have the ability to start and complete a carving turn. I can do hockey stops etc and have been able to pretty much stay in control on any terrain I have tried so far. I can pretty much 'get down' the black runs but prefer the blue runs as they are not as demanding .

I have been skiing 3 times a week and once on the weekend this winter at my resort as its only 10 minutes away.

I have skied the following models this year:

Atomic E:7..I purchased this ski after my first lesson based on instructor reccomendation. It is very easy but also is boring now and my instructor said I might want to look into a very good intermediate model that would take me into the carving phase. The E:7 is more of a training wheel type ski according to the instructor.

Any suggestions anyone has based on experience would be appreciated.

Also based on instructor reccomendation I have rented some demo skis here and there just to get a feel for the different types of skis avalable and how they handle.

I tried a carver, a cross mountain, a general carver, a freeride, park, and ski cross model.

Solomon Streetracer 8: Compared to the E:7 it seemed quicker and more stable but it had too much shape for me right now and the tips would catch in patchy snow and throw the skis around. I really didnt care for this ski.

Solomon Crossmax 10: Kind of like the E:7 but didnt skid around as easy and would like to go faster in a straight line without the skis shaking.

Head C160: Same as the crossmax.

Fischer Rx9: This ski was hard to handle when I went down some black runs. It didnt skid at all when it was steep and I just skied down straight to keep from sliding sideways when I would turn. It was very stiff. It was also very hard to turn compared to the E:7.

Rossignol Bandit: The ski shop owners dont have a high opinion of the ski but I tried it out. It was actually very easy to ski and would skid easily. I didnt like it on the ice though as it would not skid but would slide.

Salomon 1080: This was fun. I was riding some of the little jumps and rollers in the terrain park and had a great time. It actually was very easy to ski on the mountain and probably the easiest ski so far I have tried. The skishop said they wouldnt reccomend buying this ski for a general mountain ski though and its more of a ski for the park skiers. I liked it though.

Thanks for the advice
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Based on what you describe, I think that you may just have to put some time in next season to unlock carving turns. I think what you were describing with skis going all over the place was simply that most higher performance parabolic skis are meant to always be somewhat on edge. If you try to run them flat, they'll easily get deflected slightly as the edges catch on irregularities, etc.

I haven't personally heard many good things about the Streetracers (both on here, and from my girlfriend who demoed them). The Heads and the Crossmaxes may have been slightly high level skis for you, but I think you could have grown into something like that.

The Fischer RX9s definitely were way too much ski for you at this point. I moved up to a Fischer RX8 (similar to the RX9, but with more sidecut for quicker turns) from an Atomic SX7 earlier this season, and am only really starting to get close to unlock the skis potential after 10 or so days on it (and alas, getting further is going to have to wait till next season). If you looked at Fischers, I think the RX6 would be a good choice (you could definitely grow with it), or perhaps a BigStix 7.2 if you want something a bit more "all-mountainy."

One of the most important questions at this point is, what do you want your skis to be able to do? Do you want to rip up groomers? Do you want to have all-around performance? Would you like to move into skiing off-piste? Are you interested in learning how to ski moguls? Do you want to move into terrain park skiing at some point?

Thinking about that could really help you narrow down the search at this point!

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hi skierxman

Certainly your previous snow sport experience affords you the benefit of balancing skills to build on and quickly progress. It is time for skis for sure. Post your personal specs, age, size, height etc, that helps folks jump on board with specific model recommendations. talk a bit about what you like to do most so far on the mountain too....the more info you provide the better the comments you will receive....real good thing is you have done a bit of demo work, which is always the best choice. I think you will receive very useful feedback here once you post a few more specifics....browse around too...chances are someone just like you has asked the same question previously, and gotten some useful recommendations.

I recently bought my son(21 180lbs 6') some salomon 1080's sz 177cm. I got em cheap and they were recommended to me by the tech as a great ski for tuckerman's which he will tackle this spring. Light for hiking, yet ski pretty well for a midfat profile/park type ski.....I asked for some responses as to attributes of the 1080 and got some good feedback. You might look for that thread, it was just last month....you sound like a young guy....if I'm correct, the 1080 might be fun for you...easy to ski, yet ok as an all mountain ski, esp in soft snow and wicked fun in the park. Could also be a great first purchase, good for exploring the whole mountain and further finding your niche.....welcome to the hill and enjoy!
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A common answer you will get here to this kind of question (and the correct one, too!) is to buy boots first, and be sure that you have them properly fit. Time spent with an expert bootfitter will pay off much more than any ski you will choose at this point.
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Thank you for the replies everyone !

dp...I got a pair of boots in January. I also got custom footbeds made. I know they are important as I have them in my cross country boots as well.

I have a very wide foot and tried on various models. The model I finally purchased was the Tecnia Rival RX.

My stats are:

185 lbs
age: 30

My goal in skiing is basically cover anything on the mountain on-piste. I don't see myself going off-piste much. I am too worried about avalanches. I don't really know enough about moguls etc yet to say if I would enjoy that type of skiing experience. I don't see myself getting into racing either. Just having fun. I also quite enjoy some of the features in the terrain park - the jumps and rollers. I am leary of the rails and skiing backwards etc.

Right now as I mentioned I can navigate black terrain but not with the best technique and prefer the blue type runs where I can get a little speed going. The most fun I have right now is the longer arcs on the blure terrain. As I cant really carve yet the short turns burn out my legs real quick with skidding everything in the steeper areas. I like runs that are long, winding type trails with a lot of diversity.
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REI(website) has a great deal on Dynastar 4800's, like there 8000's. I skied with someone who is about your ability and he rented the 8000's and loved them. There are also a couple of people who have shops here, one being dawgcatching. You might check with them and get there recommendations.

I think you would like a few skis you have tried once you get better, like the crossmax and the c160.
Good Luck
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The Atomic C9 would be a good choice. There are some good deals around on the Atomic Metron 8, too.
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