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Fischer RC-4 Out West

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I ski on Fischer RC-4's back here in the East and I am not going to buy another ski for my trip to Tahoe. How will they perform like at Squaw?? I love that ski on groomers (steep) but don't get a chance to ski them in powder much. My only complaint is that they feel heavy (magnetic to the snow). I am from the old school in that I like a good jump turn now and then, or a little step turn. I guess what I am trying to say is they are a bit slow coming around. Common in a GS ski I guess. The ski is built for the "Perfect Turn." Roll your knees over the bindings and carve. I like this turn too. How will the RC-4's perform around Tahoe?? Thanks.
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Grab yourself a pair of fat skis when you get out there, if not fat a wide midfat. Just rent them for your time there, or demo, whichever you prefer. I'm not really that versed in the fat/mid fat skis so ill let other make suggestions for you. But deffinitly hit up squaw while youre out there - but try to go when its not busy. My best luck was on a monday morning.
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I've been skiing on RC4 GS and SL skis for years at Tahoe areas, Montana, Oregon, and WA. What model and year RC4 are you skiing on? What kind of skiing do you want to do in Tahoe?
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Lostboy, I bought them new february 2002. I hope to ski KT-22, Headwall and Siberia at Squaw. Trees and Motts and Milky Way Bowl at Heavenly. I am from the East where we don't get a chance at powder often. I hope to get a dumping when I'm at Tahoe. I consider myself a solid Expert in ability but I have never seen the West?? It could be that the West will scare the crap out of me, however, looking at the trail maps on the net I get all dreamy. For prides sake I want to ski KT-22?? I want to ski the wall at Kirkwood?? Motts?? I just can't tell 'til I get there. I know I will suck up all the intermediate stuff, but I have been told Black Diamonds out there are like Double Blacks back here?? I just want the wide open bowls that we don't have back here. I hope the RC-4's make me as happy out there as they do here, mostly at Sugarloaf.
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Sorry Lostboy, You asked for the model. Here it is....RC4 Air Carbon TI, good for the groomed GS turns.
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The Fischer RC4 Air Carbon Ti will rip anywhere you are likely to ski except in deep powder. For that rent a wider ski should you have any powder days. Although Tahoe can get light & dry powder dumps, Tahoe dumps are usually the moisture laden heavier variety.

If you can ski in the east, you should have no problems with most western runs. As a rule, western black diamond trails are steeper and longer than black diamond runs at many eastern resorts. However, I think that typical eastern "packed powder" conditions offset the steepness factor. Even at Tahoe resorts there is variability in trail designations. A Northstar Black Diamond could be a Blue at Squaw.

I would pick either the North Shore or the South Shore to ski. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time driving to get to where you want to go.
On the South Shore, I personally like Kirkwood. Few crowds and usually plenty of snow. On the North Shore, I like Alpine Meadows best. Usually plenty of snow and it has good bowl skiing. Both have a lot of wide-open terrain especially by east coast standards. Squallywood is right next door to Alpine.
Heaven(ly) can wait IMHO. For variety, the Lake Tahoe area has a number of smaller fun resorts. Homewood, Sugar Bowl, Sierra at Tahoe, and others.
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