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Where do you send a low level intermediate looking to improve?

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My neighbors across the street have just come back from a family trip to Park City and are hooked. The mom/wife is a low level intermediate and wants to improve fast. I know my reccommendation (that I am pretty confident about) but would like to hear from others with their suggestions and their reasons why.
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if they wouldn't mind aspen...

buttermilk, then snowmass.

an abundance of suitable terrain.



and IF they liked the town of park city, they may enjoy an aspen experience.
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I see you're from Michigan, and I know there is skiing there, so my recomendation would be to ski locally as much as possible, afterall you do not world class terrain to improve, especially if you are just getting into the intermediate levels. If there isn't much (or any skiing within a reasonable distance, I would recomend whereever is the most cost effective. More often than not you'll learn more in 10 days on decent snow/terrain than you will on 1 day with world class conditions/terrain.
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Obviously appropriate terrain and solid instruction are the key ingredients here. I like the idea from Manus to ski locally, if possible, since the more days she's on skis the faster she'll progress. Many mountains have women's clinics that meet and ski together with the same instructor one or two days a week and that would be a good choice, if available with a good instructor. I know that Rusty teaches or has taught such a program at Eldora with good success.

That idea aside, if not possible, I think the next best thing would be a solid week of instruction with a good instruction (ydnar at DV comes to mind for example) or a camp such as the ESA.
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My suggestion:
The EpicSki Academy in Snowbird
It's nearby, and they'll learn a lot.
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If they are in Michigan, send them over to Arcmeister in Wisconsin.
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Heck, that's easy.
Sol Vista in CO would be perfect IMHO.
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I'd send her to a really good boot-fitter and then to the green slopes with agood instructor.
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For terrain?

Loveland or Ski Cooper. Both have boundless green/blue terrain, no crowds, etc.

I have seen a great many folks skiing "take off" under chair two at Loveland. The front side at Ski Cooper is the same way.
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If nobody else is going to say it, I will. Kneale Bronson at Schuss specializes in this type of skier. He could sure put me at ease. Out west is fine but they might be more comfortable with continuity close by.
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This always makes me think of the James Bond movies. You remember, the one where he has just spent a week in "The Orient" with "The Master" perfecting the "secret moves".

When you read the book .... "Five Rings" .... by Musashi written in about 1600, he ends each chapter with "Practice this daily."

Now you know the secret.
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Yes - lots of practice....
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Epic kind of mentioned it but... check to see her equipment fits her skill level. Nothing more frustrating than ill fitting boots or inappropriate skis to put the damper on learning. IF your gear fits you are comfortable and it makes practicing all the more enjoyable.

Other than that, log the vertical and maybe take a clinic or two. Video feedback is good too for those who are visually oriented.
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Thanks, Pierre. I work at Boyne Mountain now, though, so it would be tough to get me at Schuss. Closer to "across the street" in Ann Arbor would be Alpine Valley, where there are a couple Central Division PSIA examiners available by the name of Sigmann. I expect to be back at Boyne for next season.
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Hey Si,
I am a level II skier at Alpine Valley. Ed Sigmann is the level III / examiner that
runs our ski school and clinics. (see previous post)

Out west, its pretty hard to beat Snowmass, once you pay the airfare

Around here (i live in Ann Arbor), I prefer alpine valley because:
we have (some trees)
our instructors attend clinics for both free skiing and teaching.

If they are renting eqpt, i'd suggest Sun and Snow as our rental eqpt has
improved but is not always the greatest.

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