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Favorite Place To Ski

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I know that we have been thru most of this before. I thought that to place a spin on this age old querry, we could list our favorite places to ski, and break it down by catagorie. That is, explain why you love these places (i.e.: terrain; snow; grooming; service; natural beauty; people... Whatever is important to you!)
For example,
TERRAIN: 1) Alta; 2) Whistler; 3) St. Anton
CHALLENGE: 1) Snowbird; 2) Alta; 3) St. Anton; 4) MRG
SNOW: 1) Alta; 2) Snowbird; 3) St. Anton
GROOMING: 1) Deer Valley; 2) St. Anton; 3) Beaver Creek
NATURAL BEAUTY: 1) Arlberg (St. Anton/Lech/Zuers); 2) Gstaad;
PEOPLE: 1) Park City; 2) St. Anton

Obviously, there are many places that I have not been to that would be contenders (Jackson; Chamonix; Lake Louise; Kirkwood).
I hope to hear from you.
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East Coast Only --

TERRAIN: 1) Tremblant; 2) Sugarloaf; 3) Subarbush; 4) Sunday River
(I'm sorting terrain primarily by variety)
CHALLENGE: 1) Stowe; 2) MRG; 3) Sugarloaf; 4) Sugarbush
SNOW: 1) Stowe; 2) Sugarloaf; 3) MRG
GROOMING: 1) Wachusett; 2) Sunday River; 3) Stratton (yuck)
NATURAL BEAUTY: 1) Wildcat; 2) MRG; 3) Stowe
PEOPLE: 1) MRG; 2) Sugarloaf; 3) Yagoo Yalley (never skied there but everyone I've met from there was a totally yahoo cool skier)
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Maybe you should also add the fun O meter. That would be an over all fun place to ski.
TERRAIN Snowbird, Alta, Snowbasin.
CHALLANGE Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird
SNOW, Alta, Solitude, Snowbird
GROOMIN, Deer Valley, Beaver Creek
NATRUAL BEAUTY, Alta, Jackson hole, Heavenly.
PEOPLE, Deer Valley, Grand Targee ( I'm not sure what People means, is this the staff working on the mountain? )
Fun O Meter. Grand Targee, SnowBasin, Alta.
I only listed places I have skied.
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Terrain: Whistler (Blackcomb to my tastes)
Food: Whistler / La Plagne
Beauty: Lake Louise
People: Whistler / Lake Louise
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East coast, don't have much experience out west: Sugarloaf for the overall, great terrain for all levels, good lift system, great lodging on slope, ski in then ski out, great base area for places to eat,
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I'm boring, I always vote for the same place. All the categories sans one: Silverton. Natural beauty: maybe Telluride since I really love that corner of the San Juans. I suspect Panorama would get my #1 natural beauty vote, but I don't have any first hand experience there.

Oh, if I had to vote for grooming I'd choose Beaver Creek. But I hate grooming, groomers, or anything resembling corduroy.
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favorite place to ski


just 'cause it's so close to satisfying every category. maybe not number one in every group, or any of 'em, but it's a cumulative thang.

edit: well, except for the "people" part. i'll take alta or arapahoe basin for that.
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TERRAIN Snowbird, blackcomb, Lake louise,,
CHALLENGE Snowbird , blackcomb, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse
SNOW, Alta, Brighton,solitude (utah ), Sunshine Village,,
GROOMING, Park city
NATURAL BEAUTY, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Kicking Horse (view from the eagles eye with beer in hand ,, but i guess thats not all "natural").
PEOPLE, Whitewater, Alta,,
FUN. Alta, Kicking Horse, Whitewater,,
I only listed places I have skied. and most lists are in no real order,
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Yawgoo Valley

Originally Posted by learn2turn
3) Yagoo Yalley (never skied there but everyone I've met from there was a totally yahoo cool skier)
Yawgoo Valley, get it right

I'm cool too!

... it's 2 minutes from my house....big mountain skiing Mt Yawgoo .....scary stuff indeed. I taught ski school there and most of my family has worked there too...thanks for mentioning it!
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Terrain: Squaw, Whistler, Blackcomb
Challenge: Squaw, Whistler, Snowbird
Snow: Snowbird, Alta,
Natural Beauty: Telluride, Whistler/Blackcomb
People: Whistler/Blackcomb

Overall experience: Whistler/Blackcomb since they seem to have the details worked out for a great trip, its close to Seattle, and cheaper than skiing in the US (most years....anyway)
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Yawgoo Valley, ski it if you dare! We live only a minute from the mighty Yawgoo. Haven't skied many places but Alta was the nuts.
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Haven't skied the West YET so my limited response is :

Terrain & beauty : Whiteface / Tremblant /Cannon/ Gore and one gnarly little sucker called McCauley Mtn in the Adirondacks

Grooming & Conditions: Titus /Labrador/Gunstock/Wachusett
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Just from places I've BEEN, no speculation.

TERRAIN: 1)Alta/Bird 2) Flims/Laax 3) Kirkwood
CHALLENGE: 1) Jackson Hole 2) Stowe 3) Snowbird
SNOW: 1) Alta/Bird 2) Solitude 3) Brighton
GROOMING: 1) Deer Valley; 2) Vail 3) Killington
NATURAL BEAUTY: 1) Flims/Laax 2) Heavenly 3) Snowbird
PEOPLE: I hate all people, equally, worldwide.
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Which ever hill got the most snow last night!
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