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Yankees/Red Sox GAME 2

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OK, baseball fans....I had to give up my tickets to todays game due to the flu.....that does not mean that some sscchhmmmaakk should not take place. I propose all you fans predict todays outcome with a score. If you hit the score exactly....You will be considered the GOLDEN GOD of baseball for a day. That is correct, you will be Almost Famous for a day......and immune to all sssscccchhhmmmaaaakkk.
I will draw the first line in the sand:

Yankees 7
Red Sox 4

yes, I am bored....and pissed that I am missing the game
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looks like clement and pavano matching up. i'm not nearly as bored as you are but what the hell, 12-9 sox.
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Originally Posted by ryan
12-9 sox.
12-9 someone is definitely getting the hook:

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Working at home, so I'll have the game on. Sox win 5-3.

Bummer about the flu and missing the game. And no more url's like that, Shen!! You just ruined my lunch.
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i'm switching it up here....6-2 yankees.
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Sox 7
Yankees 6
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Yankees 5
Sux 3
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Damn I was close. Yankees beat the Sux 4-3
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How much time do you that 9th inning took off Steinbrenner's life? The camera shots of him were priceless. Yankees coulda put it away early w/bases juiced in 2nd and 5th innings. Good outting for Pavano.
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0 and 162, here we come.
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No Golden Gods Today

I am questioning........ how much of this I can take......OH MY.....


Game 3@ 1PM tomorrow.....Think hard...
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how come Rivera didn't serve pasta with that meatball in the 9th?......keep squirmin yankee fans.....the flag goes up next week. Diamondbacks, Fish and Sox......feels good don't it? Yankees = choke, in epic fashion. 49, 78, 03 all ancient history. Enjoy,
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