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How much lift?

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I am mounting Tyrolia Power Select 8 bindings on Salomon 3V skiis that do not have the factory plate. In addition to the lift from the Power Select binding, should I also add either a Tyrolia Speed Carve plate (15mm) or a Tyrolia Super Carve plate (23mm)? The bindings have a 31mm standheight. These skiis will be used for freeskiing. Thanks.
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I'd go with the 23mm supercarve plate.
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I've skied on both..

Currently I ski on the Tyriolia Super Carve plate, but when I raced I skied on the Carve plate (15mm) because it allowed me to conform to the FIS 55mm height regulations.

If you're not racing, go with the Super Carve plate. Its high stand height gives ultra protection against boot out, no matter how much you're laying them down. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

A word of caution, after skiing the Super Carve plate for two seasons, whenever I step into a pair of skis with a "normal" plate, it feels so low I can barely handle it !
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Thanks for the help. Do you know of any mounting issues with the Power Select bindings when using either of the two plates? The PS bindings have a center mounted screw that neither plate appears to have a hole for, though I imagine a shop could drill a hole for that center mount in the plate??? Thanks for all the help.
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Originally posted by MelloBoy:
I think from the base to the ski boot bottom, it was...57 mm or something. REALLY high for normal skiing..
That's nothing.. The setup I'm running now, with my Tyrolia Cyber D9 Bindings, and the Super Carve plate has me standing at 72 mm off the snow! : And you're right MelloBoy, Once you're up that high, you definitely don't want to go back..


About the PS bindings. I used to mount Tyrolia bindings, (and others) and I honestly can't remember if there was a mounting issue with the tyrolia plates and the PS bindings.. My Super Carve plates have an elastomer damping material in them, and that may interfere. Another fact is that with both plates, the front section is not connected to the back section (so the ski can flex more naturally), therefore that may also intefere with the PS mounting arrangement. The best thing would be to consult a knowledgeable ski shop in your area that mounts Tyrolia bindings..
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I just went through a similar decision with my new Viper S's... They have the Rossi Twin Deck interface built in, so I had to decide what additional lift to put with my Axial 140 race bindings.

I don't remember the exact specs, but the twin deck provides pretty decent lift, so I elected to just go with a little bit more, by using the race lifters that come with the bindings. Some advice I received was that although the additional lift may make turn initiation a breeze, the skis may also become more apt to grab an edge when you don't want them to. It's easy enough to change my mind later and either add or take away.


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if you go so high with the super carve, you might not want to go back [img]smile.gif[/img] I skied a different setup, but went with the volkl p40 f1 energy rails 2 seasons ago. The rail had 25mm lift + 14mm lift from marker's selective control was essentially on a double decker condo. I think from the base to the ski boot bottom, it was...57 mm or something. REALLY high for normal skiing. But it was REALLY easy to initiate a turn on the suckers and you could turn HARD and not boot out at all.

Now when I ski on normal skis, they seem...not as easy to turn [img]tongue.gif[/img] and i boot out sometimes :|

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no problem with the power selects and the 15 race plate I have them on two pairs of Volkls . The 23 mm plate will work but you have to tap a hole for the center screw in the overlapping plate and make a opening in the underlying plate so the two palates still move unconnected. I did this last year and could see the ski react when I engaged the SC , but since I set it up for some one else do not know how effective it was , will call him and ask , they were on a pair of p-50.
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