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Skicross Skis

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any comments about them?
i've noticed their tails a bit short..can i still ride switch with them?
im looking at the head i xrc 1100.
compared to the B1, which of the two is more versatile?
im intermediate 173cm 183lbs skis mostly groomed like to jump and who doesnt like powder?
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I've got the ixrc 1100SW, it has very little back seat. I wouldn't compare it to the Rossi B1. Perhaps the non-chip 1100 is closest to that level. (also, I wouldn't do big jumps on the 1100SW, as it doesn't forgive mistakes)
Performance skicross skis aren't really designed for riding switch, for that you'd be better with a twin tip, but you need to weigh up what you want the ski for.
If you want a ski for jumps, and riding switch, consider the K2 Public Enemy.
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Originally Posted by Strider
and who doesnt like powder?
I have no trust for you.
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