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New York - Ski Outlets

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Hi visiting NY soon, any ski stores worth a look while I am there?

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Not this time of year.
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Mount Everest in Westwood, NJ and Nyack, NY may still have some of their gears for sale, Try Paragon also. Call ahead is the key.
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Not to many great ski shops in the Metro area any time of the year, as far as I know. Best ones that I know of are either Sno Haus location on L.I. in Hempstead, or further east in Huntington.

They carry a pretty good line of clothing, a fairly good stock of skis, and have a pretty knowledgeable staff but I'm not sure what they have left at this point. I wouldn't bother with Ski Stop in Plainview. Large store, but I'm not a fan due to employees that for the most part are completely clueless.
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