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Masters: Singh's swing.

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Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA. The traffic was hellish even on the first practice day. Food and water were cheep. Hats and tee shirts were outrageously priced. And I almost got hit by golf balls several times....and had to scurry behind huge grounded pines...but the day was sunny, and breezy and the azaleas were just beginning to bloom. The pine pollen was not suffocating yet. And yes, the beer was icy cold.

Tiger was surrounded by throngs; I could not get near him or O'Meara. Our little group followed some other available talent: Franco, Weir, Verplank, Toms. The crowd roared when somebody, I could not see who it was, made a hole in one after two prior practice drives on a par 3. But the real standout was Vijay Singh....we followed him from the tenth to the sixteenth hole. His swing was fluid and precise, and he set the tee high with every ball, and he gauged the height with his club before every drive. Singh is a pleasure to watch. And while he was only practicing, he would still pack whatever fairway he was on with spectators.

Rain is coming in Thursday and Friday. Security is followed to the letter: no large backpacks, knives, etc...everybody goes through a metal detector.

To keep up on the 2005 Masters go to www.masters.org.
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Nice Mainiac! Keep the reports comin'!
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Wow. I am not a fan of Vijay.. I respect his game, but I don't like the man. As the commericials say "These guys are good"
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VJ deserves every ounce of success he has earned. From twice daily workouts to endless hours on the range he has put in the time. He'll work with different coaches-take what works and fits (as he says-he borrows their minds for a while) then discards the rest.

What is interesting is he is always so relaxed-it's just golf!!
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mikewil when he was walking the fairways Singh was constantly swinging his club in a manner not unlike cutting grass with a small scythe. He was keeping his rhythm or excercising his arm.....whatever he was doing he was so casual and relaxed it was amazing. He took numerous test putts across greens to determine the speed and angle. All the caddies had rangefinders and they also knew the approximate placement of the pins or sticks or flags from previous Masters. Unfortunately, I could only make the practices for a day.
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