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simons annual questions

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Well its time for me to look to next year already.

I usually post some questions each year as, with my friends, we continue to explore what Western Canada/US has to offer. We usually come over after Presidents Week and stay for 2 weeks. More often than not we will either split the trip over a couple of areas (this year from instance it was Steamboat and Winter Park, and its been Fernie/Big Mountain, Jackson Hole/Big Sky in previous years) or go to an area with 'neighbouring' hills, e.g. Summit County, Park City.

Apart from those listed above we've been to most in BC and Alberta, Rockies Montana, Tahoe Area, Snowbird/Alta.

The main question for 2006 is where, on average (yeah - I know) has good early coverage as we will be coming late Jan early Feb. By good coverage I don't necessarily mean continual foot dumps overnight, each night; but where the area/resort/hill is open and all is pretty much skiable. I.e NOT that temperatures were low enough for any snow cannons to just put a crust on a few blues satisfy an 'open/packed powder' status!

Biased, local knowledge and/or references to scientific, statistical facts equally and gratefully received.

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Not big resorts, but, other than this year, anywhere in the Cascade Mountains should have great coverage by January/February. The Washington Cascades have the No. 1 and No. 4 average world snowfall champions in Mt. Baker and Stevens Pass and Mt. Bacherlor in Oregon is in there somewhere as well. The others are not far behind. Crystal Mountain is always a favorite. There can be some great skiing in the PNW at that time of year. However, if it's a resort type of experience you're after, ignore this post. Go somewhere else. None of the decent areas have overnight lodging, except for Crystal, and there is not much there. No shopping or apres crazy stuff at the areas. You have to go to town. Doesn't bother me, but some folks are looking for more than just skiing.
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Have you visited the Aspen, Colorado area yet? It offers one of the most interesting ski towns in the US, with four fine ski areas nearby. You could also venture from there to scenic Telluride, or maybe even down to Durango Mtn Resort for more western ambiance. Snow coverage is usually fine at those areas during your planned dates, since they have high elevation terrain. Durango might be least reliable in that regard, but they've done well the last few winters. Weather can sometimes be cold in late Jan/early Feb, but not as cold as ski areas further to the north.

Aspen can be pricey, but given the weak dollar this might be the time to give it a try.
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Apsen suggestion

Funnily enough we were going to go to Apsen last year so its definitely on the list. We would probably stay at Snowmass (cost/biggest hill) if we were to go.
Went to Steamboat/Copper/Winter Park in the end.

Thanks for the tip.
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Snowmass is outstanding. One of the very best in the US for intermediate level skiers/boarders (and a personal favorite). Has tougher terrain too, and close to Ajax and Aspen Highlands for lots of terrain variety and challenge.

As long as we are considering pricey areas, Aspen/Snowmass is only a couple hours easy drive from Vail. If you haven't skied there yet, a combo trip of Aspen and Vail is about as upscale as you can get in the US and also a superb pairing for satisfying intermediate and advanced skiers who prefer mainstream groomed terrain and memorable ski towns geared towards affluent visitors.

Thrifty visitors can survive/thrive at these areas too, but takes some creativity and research. The quality of skiing will not disappoint.
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This year, you couldn't top Utah and Tahoe for good early base depths.

Utah is always a good bet.

The big losers this year? PNW, MT, Whistler to name a few.
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Thanks jamesj again and xdog1.

Cash is a consideration and when we return to Summit County it will be to stay in Frisco.
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