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Hey vail snopro!

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I just wanted to let you know that I finally made up my mind and received the skis I won at Stowe. I now own a new pair of K2 Apache Recons. The season is done here and the skis are at the shop as I write so I'll have to wait until next season to try them out.

Now if I showed up at Vail will you show me the best runs to do the skis justice?

Thanks for using your influence to get K2 to provide the skis for the raffle. I hope that K2 continues the relationship with EpicSki events so that more of our members can be winners of great skis. Thanks Ric and thanks K2.
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Hey Rob-

You get out here next winter with those skis, and I'll not only show you the best runs to use them on, but I'll take a day off and show you how to use them, as well!

Once again- congrats on winning them!
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Don't be surprised if I take you up on that offer especially if I can get there on a powder day. The last time I skied Vail (1989) there was about 2 feet of fresh and I spent the day crashing and laughing my butt off. I'm a bit better in the pow now but, not much. You see the powder here in PA usually only gets to the top of your skis and still makes a sound like skiing on ice.:
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