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Question about Rossi Bandits

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There is no information on the Rossignol site about the material used in the Bandit 2004/05 B1/B2/B3. I am just curious....do they have foam or wood cores?

The reason I am asking is I have always been curious about the high base retail price of the Bandits($799 during regular season). Not an Astronomical figure but it is pretty pricey.
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they would be microcell which is Rossignols propietary(sp) urethane synthetic core probably with two sheets of zicral(aluminum alloy) plus an absorbing material and slanted sidewalls
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I have heard that this core is breaking down early...that Rossi will be addressing this issue in future construction. Is this more rumor that fact?

I am sure the Bears can shed some light on this speculation:
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what waxman said only the translation is foam
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I am fairly new to skiing but have been looking for a pair of skis and the shop owner here told me his opinion was to stay away from Rossignol skis as they generally make overpriced and overrated gear. I have been asking lots of questions and trying skis and window shopping. Other folks in the shop seemed to have the same opinion and kind of steered me away from their skis and told me Atomic or Head would be better options.
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skierxman, did the store you were in carry rossi? just wonder 'cause those are the same retailers that don't carry volkl 'cause they bend or salomon 'cause the tips are mush or whatever. those are the same retailers that line up at rossi/volkl/sally etc. every year at vegas to beg for the line...
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It's good that your asking lots of questions. Rossie Bandit B 1 B2 are Ok skis for someone who is just getting into the sport. They are a very forgiving ski and won't be to demanding. Asd you progress and demo some other skis you will get a feel for what you like and dislike in a ski. Some people like atomics other Like K2 some will not ski anything but Volkls or Fischers. Personally I'm not brand loyal at all.
Just about everyone makes a good ski. some i like and some I don't Like. This season my top pick fora really great over all ski would be the Dynastar 8000.
If the shop is bad mouthing a product that don't carry then take whatever they say with a grain of salt. It would be like walking into a Chevy dealer and asking about Fords. Now as to the price of the Rossie skis. They are very popular and so they demand and get a high price for them . Keep in mind that popular does not make them a good ski.
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Foamcore is crap. Get a wood core laminate. Bandits last 50 days or less.
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Several years ago, I worked at a ski shop which only sold Atomic, Olin, Head, and Coyote's. As a shop employee I was entitled to unbelievable discounts from the reps of these manufacturers. We pushed what we were told and bragged about the sturdy manufacturing practices of these companies. No doubt, they were very good skis. I bashed the competitions foam core , Rossi's and Dynastars mostly, which by the way was sold at a competitors shop in town, never having skied one myself. That went on for several years till I finally quit the shop. By chance, I happened to get the opportunity to try a pair of Rossi 4s's one day while skiing moguls with a friend. Foam core? I'm skiing a foam core ski? You know what, I've been skiing Rossi's ever since. And no, they are not junk, and yes they do last longer than 50 days, and they might be pricey but not any more than any other ski.

So, with the exception of Utah49, you guys don't know Jack about what you're talking about, OK?
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Yes they sold the rossignol ski models but only had a couple of Bandit skis in stock and they had a used racing ski of some kind. The pretty much stocked all brands. I had asked them what the best brand of ski was and they knew I was just getting into skiing and was just looking for general info.

They didnt tell me the bandits were garbage or anything like that. They just kind of hinted that other brand skis might be more durable in the long run and for some reason would be a better choice to look at. Being new I really am in no position to say either way. I just go by the advice I hear and they didn't really seem to be pumped to high on Rossignol or those metal Volant skis. they seemed to be pushing the Atomic and volk skis the most saying they are in their opnions the skis with better life and construction etc.
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As said, current 'foam' (composite) core is not the same as a 1991 Rossi 4S, it will last longer and is durable enough for most people. If you are charging so hard on crazy terrain and stomping 50 footers to hardpack you should be using race room stuff. I've had a pair of XX I got in the Fall of 2001 and they are still holding up probably around 100 resort days, I am aggressive but not a top level skiier, they are not dead yet and have held up pretty well, a few core shots but no bent edges or blow out, and I have jumped in the park on them. I believe modern foam/comp cores are a lot better than they used to be and not the huge detraction from wood everyone claims.
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