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I have a pair of Fischer 166 world cup slaloms, and the Rx8 is at the other end of the spectrum. I've skied on just about ever race stock slalom ski made and the Fischer off the rack race stock is the stoutest, beefiest, most demanding, ( but rewarding at times, in the right scenario ), slalom ski I've been on. No skidding, no smearing, no realease into a glide.
High speed, high angle carving only, and the feedback from under foot will shake your fillings out.

The Rx8 is that ski maybe dressed down about 15 notches. No similarity.
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Fischerfan, glad to hear your skis were recovered! That is quite a saga.

I'd be curious -- can you share your height/weight and the size of the RX-8 you were skiing on?

I have gone all out on my 180cm RX-8 and I am 235lb, 6'1". I was not even close to finding the limit on them, and this was on east coast hardpack at veryhigh speeds (I don't have any exact speeds to relate, but have been timed before and I know what high speed feels like!). I lump the RX-8 in the same category as the Volkl 6-star when it comes to speed -- very capable. Then again, that's what I expect from the longest size of both skis. I do agree with Ghost -- the RX-8 will transmit every bit of vibration/shock from the snow to the skier, but it never gets upset or loses edge even on the roughest snow in my experience.

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6'1/2" 205,

I bought them short, 165cm, and they probably hold up well at "mach shnell" for the most part.
I need 2 or 3 full days on them before I can be more definitive.

It's just the comparison skis for that day and those conditions, and the hill itself, they were a couple of notches down.

You always give up something on one end to gain something on another.
Would one expect an RX8 to be as stable as a Race stock slalom ski or world cup Gs ski?, probably not!

Maybe in a 180, who knows. Like I said before, the competition was fierce, and the Metron B5 is a very unusual ski, not even in the same category to me as an Rx8. I'll post more if and when I ever get them back
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