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A Rave

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Let's match the rants with raves.

Where are the friendliest, most polite ski hills?

I am going to cast a vote for Waterville Valley, NH.
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Small place called Mt. Tone. When I needed a low pressure place for my kids first ski outing it was excellent.

It's not that kind of place that a "real" skiier would seek out for the challenge. All of the staff were so friendly and great with my kids.

I actually hunted down the manager and gave him my thanks for a great two days.
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Mt Bachelor ranks up there for me, as do Sun Peaks and Silverstar. Best in PNW.
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I second loveland, and add Alta and Steamboat to the list. Have had excellent times at each.
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Ski Cooper.
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Say it aint so . . .

Originally Posted by klkaye
I am going to cast a vote for Waterville Valley, NH.
Waterville has to be one of the biggest zoos I've skied. There you have the rub, it all boils down to personal experience. However, from my extensive experience with New England resorts, I find the futher you are from N.Y. and Boston, the better the crouds. Jay peak has excellent skiing and crouds. I find the Montreal people better to get along with. K-mart is a madhouse, but if you go to any area north of there, the people act more politely. In December I skied Sugarbush when they rolled the tik prices back to their original price. The area was crawling with Vermont kids as school was out that day. Vermont kids are great on the slopes IMHO compared to N.Y., Ma., N.H., and Conn. Sure, they congregate in groups and seem to get in the way. However, they are always ready to be corrected and willing to adapt to advice. Then again you ought to try Sugarloaf for the same reasons.
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Northstar has a nice vibe as does Sugar Bowl and JH.
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okemo can be chill sometimes - i guess it depends on when you go...
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I vote for Whitewater, in Nelson, BC. It's friendly, mellow, and laid back, but the terrain and the snow are unbeatable.
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It does not get any more laid back then Mad River, I thought Alpine Meadows had a cool laid back feel to it as well

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Targhee Resort...
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Oh yeah? We're more laid back than you are, and I'm willing to fight to the death to prove how mellow we are!
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Mad River Glen and Blue Knob get my votes.
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My home hill ---Titus Mtn (1200 vert) is the most friendly and customer -service oriented. Its also the BEST groomed of the 10-12 differant mtns I ski in a given yr with conditions that are very reliable

In my experience -once you are past the Marketing glitz, Often The Bigger they are the BIGGER the customer -service hype and more bogus the conditions report !!
It's fun to go to the larger venues for the experience BUT the smaller hills are the real experts on HOW to treat their customer.
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Alta and The Loaf.
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I have never been to Alta but still ironically can attest to how nice and laid back they are. About 18 months ago I sent away for about 50 trail maps of resorts I considered worthy in the US and Canada. I -emailed the resorts and waited for the maps and or responses. Most places sent me something. Alta immediately responded with a friendly E-mail, and were the first to send a trail map, along with a sticker and a friendly note saying how much they were looking forward to seeing me! No other resorts came close to their friendliness. Fernie and Crystal were cordial in Emails. Jackson Hole and Mammoth promptly returned a E-mail saying they would send me a map and then never did. The worst was Copper. I had been to copper so I wanted the map more for nostalgia than future adventures. Copper sent me an E-mail saying they do not send Trail maps! I sent them back a scathing response about how I had just been to Whistler and how I could not believe that Intrawest would behave in that manner. Of all the E-mails I sent Copper was the only place that Flat out refused me, nice service....

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Beaver Creek. Great service, hands down. Loveland, A-Basin, and Wolf Creek aren't too shabby either.
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My vote would be for Wolf Creek or maybe Arapahoe Basin. Both places have employess that actually seem to like the customers.
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I'll thro Nub's Nob in MI into the mix.
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Originally Posted by Alfonse
.... About 18 months ago I sent away for about 50 trail maps of resorts I considered worthy in the US and Canada. I -emailed the resorts and waited for the maps and or responses. ....
This is kind of OT, but it reminds me of something: my parents were cleaning out their basement and found a stash of old trail maps, mostly from early 70s. Vail, Taos, Breck, Keystone, ABasin, a couple from Copper and Beaver Creek (including first seasons for both -- too bad my dad didn't invest in the real estate opportunities advertised on BC's map!).

They are interesting for a lot of reasons: Breckenridge's season pass in 71/72 was $125, a full-day ticket was $6; Keystone's map confused me, until I realized that the base was at the TOP of the page (Go Devil is on the lefthand side of the map, Spring Dipper on the right --eh?), but I'm not sure what to do with them. Any creative ideas?
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oooooooooooooo. Good topic.

There's a lot of places I've had good service. Actually, I've seen some pretty amazing things at Copper, so it's hard to not put that on the list. Outside of that, Snowbowl in Jackson was really friendly once. I don't even remember what they did, but I left thinking that if I was in Jackson again I'd definitely ski there. I also had some rental techs at Snowbird go out of their way to fix some skis for me. Loveland makes the list as well. By the way, if you ever want to throw a nice party on a mountain, Loveland has these great cabins they rent out for pretty cheap. No overnight stays. Grill included. Shuttles for non-skiers. Over the years I've exchanged quite a few comp tickets with Vail employees and that's been pretty cool. They've got some great people who work behind the scenes. Some of my friends have been hired and fired there several times. I can't say I've ever been really impressed with customer service at any VA resort though. (In fact, I saw by far the most appalling customer service at Breck when I worked there. Guests were called names and told to just go away. Pathetic.) Finally, Aspen Highlands has a pretty amazing staff. I can't recall the name of the Skico VP who manages the place, but I've run into him on the top of Highland Bowl 2 or 3 times - really nice guy.

segbrown - would you be willing to sell a Copper map? One with the original names (trail #20, #29, etc) would be awesome.
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That's why I ski Sugarloaf-- the nicest people, beyond polite, natural Prozac. Gets met in a good mood for Monday. And Wildcat.
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I'll toss Cannon Mt., New Hampshire into the mix. Very community-like feel to the mountain.
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I had a great time at copper when I skied it, just thought I would share that customer service tidbit.....

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I like threads that give a chance to give praise where its due, my vote in the east would go to Burke Mountain, Vermont. If you've been there you know what I mean.
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Good thread...I vote for Sugarloaf...went up there last week, not having been there in ages. Dennis, the liftie on the SuperQuad (if you've skied there you know Dennis)...recognized me, called me by name (how DOES he do that!) and asked where I had been these last few years. It's the attitude of the front line employees that makes the difference at any and every resort. If they are happy to be there, they make it a happy place!

On the plus side for teenagers, when I stopped by CVA to say hi to some folks, each kid I was introduced to, looked me in the eye, said hello, nice to meet you. They all were polite and courteous, and it was refreshing to see it!
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Originally Posted by vinn
...segbrown - would you be willing to sell a Copper map? One with the original names (trail #20, #29, etc) would be awesome.
They aren't mine to sell; I borrowed them from my folks so I could scan them, and then hopefully do something nice like a scrapbook for them. I would be happy to send you some of the scans once I do that, though, if you'd like! (I thought I had more than one Copper map, but I don't.)

There's a little blurb on the map that would be great to know more about: "Win a Season Pass: All trails are numbered. If you like, submit a trail name, write it on the back of your ticket and deposit it in the boxes provided in The Center. Season passes for 1973/74 will be given to those who submit a winning trail name." There must be some good stories behind that ....

That makes me think -- maybe this is a second-year map. I know Copper opened in 72, and this is a 72/73 map, but I don't know which part of 72 it opened.

There is also a vacation package brochure that advertises the Brown Palace for $27 - $40 per night, and 7 nights lodging and 6 days skiing at Vail for the monstrous sum of $90!!
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Back to the topic -- are we talking about "friendly and polite" staff or clientele? Or overall?
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Where are the friendliest, most polite ski hills?
Anthropomorphism aside, you will not find a place where the staff (and the mountain) are more friendly and accessible than Grand Targhee, known for its vast quantities of fabulous light powder, lifties who give the girls a shoulder rub while the chair rounds the bull wheel, the cool kids' run, and I hope they are still hiring potato farmers to do the grooming--the last time I was there they had sculpted a run of perfectly symmetrical bumps for us to be heroes just for one run.
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