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In the late 1970's I owned an indoor ski deck (20' x 30' revolving carpet ski deck) called Moving Mountain in Santa Cruz, Ca. The first summer it was installed, Marian Post (Ellen's sister), John Clendenin (freestyle competitor and now Level III) and Bob Howard (future winner of several consecutive World Cup Ballet titles- and one of the best athletes/skiers I have ever met) spent a couple of weeks in town skiing and training on my deck. I was also involved with grass skiing and had rentals. The bunch of us skied the grassy knolls below UC Santa Cruz on more than one occasion (hop in the car at the bottom and drive to the top, rinse and repeat). I ended up making the US Grass Ski Team (Slalom & GS) for the 1981 World Grass Ski Championships held in Bryce Mountain Virginia. It was in the Shenandoah Valley, chair lift served and deluxe comparatively.   


Marian Post was a ballet competitor at the time, and had a racing background I believe. It was quite a kick to work with her sister Ellen almost 8 years later when we all hooked up for the Centerline Standards while I worked at Mammoth Mountain. The Post family represented the ski industry quite well. I recall sitting in our editing studio (on the top floor of the main lodge at Mammoth) with Ellen and Jerry Warren as we went through footage of their various demos to select the best ones for the piece. They were equally critical with their demos as with Petrics. I believe he had to leave the day we finished filming, but Jerry and Ellen were able to stick around so we could identify the best ones ahead of my editing efforts. We had more than enough acceptable models as evidenced by the program, but you are correct, the diverging tips demo concept was less exact (precise) than the others.   


The advent of shaped skis brought me back into the mix after becoming somewhat bored with skinny skis. I agree that the movement patterns apply either way, but shaped skis put so much more fun into the same movements there was no comparison. In fact, I was in Whistler  (circa 1996?) with my 200cm Atomic Red Sleds and demoed several shaped skis back to back to back from an on hill rental shop. It was love at first turn and I never looked back.  

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My first shaped ski experience was in 1997(I think).

On the last day of the season it was really soft and wet. On my way to the bar about noon I saw a guy turning in a pair of SCXs.

I rented them and stayed out to lift close trying to carve RR tracks in a full 360.

I ordered a pair from my rep and that was it.    

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