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Fall Shopping Wishlist

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Forget Christmas, everything costs too much. Have Christmas in August when all the ski shops are having sales! What is everyone planning to buy this off-season?

I'm looking for a helmet (see my Breck pics to figure out why), and a backpack that can carry skis and a hydration system for those hiking trips.

I'm also thinking about trying out the park, and I've been debating either a pair of twin tips, or maybe going a little odd and trying a TeleBoard and seeing how that handles the jumps. I've also been thinking about possibly getting a part-time instructor job, and the twin tips might be good equipment for that, so I'm leaning that way.

What's on your wish-lists for the off-season?
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My list is huge. If I can save up enough, I want to buy a full set of AT gear (boots, bindings, brakes, skins, shovel, probe, transceivers). I also desperately need a new pair of racing boots, so I'm buying those no matter what.
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Why wait until fall? Everything's much cheaper right now.
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