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Summer Skiing out West

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For those of you like myself and my family that just can't seem to get enough days in. It looks like Mammoth will be open well into July, possilby August. Good morning corn with afternoon slushies. Don't like getting your tank top and shorts wet from the slushies, no problem. Call it a day at noon and get 18 holes of golf in, or some late afternoon Mt. Biking or fly fishing in. Anyways if you never have done true summer skiing this is the place to go.
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Dont forget Timberline.
Even though they didnt get much snow this winter, they are still planning to have the Plamer Lift open for summer skiing
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just gotta get a good southwest airlines "ski-fare" now ! gotta love it when you're carrying skis thru a airport while everyone else is wearing Hawiian shirts and shorts !
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