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Demos in Whistler

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I'm leaving for Whistler this Monday, and wanted to see what demo shops are around. I'm looking to try a pair of Rossi B2s. Any suggestions?
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In the past my friends have usually just looked around the village...there quite a few locations where you can just walk in, and they had no problems finding B2s or B3s. The prices were a lot better than what demos went for in Tahoe.

Sorry I forget the name of the shop(s).....
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Tons of shops, Summit, Snow Covers, Affinity, and even Can-ski (and a few others), but Rossignol is very well represented - you should have no problem. I've always had good dealings with Snow Covers and Comor.
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Whistler has on the hill demos (free) as well. You can check with Canski in the village as to their demo schedule. I believe that they offer then demos pretty much every weekend. There are also lots of sales on gear right now, so it will be good time to buy.

Also a lot of the shops will deduct the cost of the demo from the price of the ski if you buy.
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Thanks for the help guys. I'm leaving home in about 5 minutes to head out , so I'll just look around when we get there.
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