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Help me help my wife

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She is 5'-6", 130lbs, athletic, advanced, and experienced skier. She likes the bumps. We ski NC/WV and out west. She talks of liking lighter skis with a good bit of flex. Currently skiing on an older pair of Rossis. She is leaning toward the Atomic B11. Would these be considered "heavy" like the rest of the Metron line.

Any suggestions for both brands/models and length?
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Volkl Supersport gamma in a 161
K2 Burnin' Love in a 160 (good luck finding these skis this late in the season!)
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the burnin luvs are fairly stiff -- granted not as stiff as the men's equivalent ski -- but not an "easily flexed" ski
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Salomon scream 8 pilots for women.. The red ones
155 or 165??
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My sister has a pair of B11's for sale 148cm. Used less then 5 or 6 times. Long story. But she now has M9's.

The B11 is lighter then the M9.

If it was me I'd go with the Gamma's or the Volkl EXS, if shes a real strong skier the EXP. The Volkls are lighter and have a softer flex in the 724 line. Pink * are to stiff.
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My wife is about the same size and skill level. Also a bumper, and she loves her K2 Axis X in 167 cm - now the Apache X. Might also try the 724 EXP adn possible the Dynastar Exclusive Legend (not sure if I got the name right). I know some of the women-bears like the Dynastar.
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dynastar legend exclusive = happy wife
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I was going to mention that in my last post. The Exclusive may be the best kept secret.
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