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Probably has something to do with the origins of the half pipe and rails. This phase of snow sport is a very pure offshoot of skate boarding.

Kids sliding rails, the half pipes origins are the concrete culverts and drained swimming pools of urban and suburban LA.

I remember my dad having a major fit when I was fifteen and got a "surfers cross" ...... 1961 or 1962 .... that was Nazi and in the eyes of the generation that fought WW II, a slap in the face.

I painted the Iron Cross on the inside of the garage doors where I kept my surfboard and later found out that my next door neighbors spent time in the labor camps and the sight of that cross horrified them. That was never our intent and the cross got painted over and the only time I wore the necklace was at the beach ..... lame but, I was a kid.

Funny to see my son wear some things now with the same cross ... he's fifteen.

But we were never rude to adults. I've still got a few bumps and scars. Dad had a pretty good punch.