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ski suggestion

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I am going to buy either one of these three skis in the next few days. I am looking to use this ski as my powder/crud ski...... mostly crud here on the east coast. I am 6'0 275lbs and an expert skier.
I am going to buy either the:

1. Volkl 724 Pro in a 177cm
2. Atomic Metron M:EX in a 175cm
3. Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Extra Hot in a 175cm

There is no way I will be able to demo these skis so I am looking for some suggestions. Also, I know how heavy the Volkl's and Salomon's are and I was wondering how much heavier the Atomic's were (weight). I don't need an exact number I was just curious. Thanks in advance!

And another thing..... Do the Atomic brake arms fit(lock) together for easier transportation?
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Looks like your post got buried, so I'll give it a bit of a bump......

I would have suggested the volkl 7 24 exp 177cm. a model being replaced in 2006 and currently can be snagged on ebay either flat or with motion cheap, it's a great ski.....I've been told the pro is the weapon of choice out west, not versatile enuff for eastern hardpack.....never tried it tho - I ski mostly hardpack....I personally will be going with the 06 Volkl Allstar in a 168( I'm 6' 180)..with a waist at 70 should cut thru any limited chop I will encounter here in the east just fine...

I haven't any comment on the other skis you mention, but they have been talked about on here a lot....hunt around for threads...good luck
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Atown, the Neox binding arms lock together. Also, the M:EX is not really the same as the other Metrons, and I don't think that it's as heavy (but I don't have them, so can't tell you for sure). Personally, I didn't like the 7 24 Pro, FWIW.
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You are a big guy. I'd say get the 724, the XHot is pretty soft, it would probably be a real noodle to you. Can't comment on the MEX never tried it.
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