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Trout Season!

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Breatheable waders, nicer casting rods, and some very light reels : . What a change a couple decades makes....(on the checking acct balance as well : ), but fooling trout with flies is a lot of fun
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Actually, just throwing line is the fun part.....
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Mountain stream, Cuban cigar, single malt.... hummm I might just think about catching a fish now and then. Its just being there.
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cuban and scotch? sheesh, climb back into your Eddie Bauer SUV and go pose elsewhere, piebald.

you probably have a ghillie too.

standing in or next to a mountain stream is its own reward. if you need a cigar and scotch to make fishing tolerable, you have spent far too much time in the "civilized world" and need to uncivilize yourself. or that's how I see it anyway.

but back home, after all is said and done, nothin' wrong with puffin' the cuban or sipping the malt. or smokin' whatever and drinkin' whatever.

I just replaced my wading boots for the first time since I took up fishing 15 years ago. They'd been resoled 2x and the seams were gone. Got some older model Patagucci Beefy Wading Shoes w/ tungsten studs for a great price from Sierra Trading post.

As to waders, my Simms KBS (distinctly NON-breathable like a sauna suit) waders also are 15 years old. and they have about 10 holes patched with various kinds of tape. So, since Sierra Trading Post had some Cortland breathables for a great price too, and I got those.

I've already committed to fishing again this year. I didn't fish at all last year and only 1 time the prior year. this year is the year of the backcountry stream bonanza.
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A ghillie? : You've got to be kidding. The closest I come to a guide on the back of the Kancobhan River is the local cattle farmer and his half chewed rat dog (some jack russell in there). A real good bloke, give him some time and not only does he let you stay on his property (old farm house only 20 metres from the river), he will also give you the good oil on where to fish the dam or river and what fly to use (when in doubt a geehi beetle with a bead head nymph dropper).

BTW gonzo, downunder we drive 4WDs not SUVs, its a Nissan and its had the crap beaten out of it driving to my favourite fishing spots (all well and truly off-road, pity about the 5 hour drive). And the cigars and scotch... well lets just say an excuse to do things that "she who must be obeyed" will not tolerate at home
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