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ski box for truck bed

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Anyone have any ideas to haul skis in truck bed but keeping them secure and clean from dirt? Like a ski box or tube? But for cheap.

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If you want cheap you'll have to build it yourself. I've seen boxes people have made out of plywood that seem pretty efficient. One problem with a box or carrying skis in the back of a pickup in general is the amount of damage skis banging around and into each other can do. Don't set skis loose in the back, especially on top of one another. Be sure they are secured in some way.
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if you have a locking gate you just make a platform out of 2 sheets of plywood and several 2x4's It can be open at the ends make sure you use exterior grade plywood and paint all surfaces (inside and out best to paint before assembly) with waterproof paint (exterior grade latex) Bolt it down to the bed length wise with the openings in the back. then drop your gate, and slide your skis in. put up the gate and lock it and skis are secure. if you create multiple slots for the skis they won't bang against each other. and they are protected from having stuff dumped on top of them too.
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My Toyota has a plastic bed liner and a fiberglass "flat cover" that locks. It stays very dry back there and the skis don't slide much because of the deep grooves in the liner floor. I do carry a few small cans of lock de-icer just in case they (the cover lock) freezes up. If you are that worried about skis clashing you could just toss and old throw rug between them.
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I made one like dchan is talking about only I used 2X6s to accomodate fat skis and the wider shovels on shaped skis. It keeps the skis out of sight and they don't bang around in the back.
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good point Lucky,
The last time I built one of these was when shaped skis and fat skis were not around. 2x6 would be the way to go.
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the easiest way is to measure the widest part (tip) of the skis and the length; then go to Home Depot or whatever plumbing supply, buy a ABS/PVC pipe of the size the skis fit inside of along with a cap for one end and a screw plug for the other. Mounting brackets as you see desirable. When you want to carry the skis, unscrew the cap, shove them in. If you want security then drill a hole in the cap and add a padlock.
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