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Please for love of God, put down that crack pipe before you post. Man, your posts are so obtuse, nobody gets half your crap.

- Is Mr. Peadody a reference to anything in particular? If it's an insult, it just not working here because it doesn't mean anything to anybody but you. Kinda like when your the only one laughing at your own jokes. Ring a bell?

- Calling out someones lack of expertise, without refuting the claims is the oldest trick in the book. It still doesn't change the FACT that UT gets more snow than CO. Look it up. I provided you with US gov statistics. You provide nothing.

- Citing an obscure fact that *seems* to improve your argument is the second oldest trick in the book. And how exactly does a 1921 single day record, after resorts would have been closed (if resorts existed in 1921) for the season, reflect on the FACT that UT gets more snow than CO, DURING the season?

- Yes, there is more to CO than I-70. thanks for pointing that out. Who woulda thunk? And this is important, why?

- How does 24" of man made snow in early 2002 change the argument? That is exactly what I was saying. CO gets earlier snow due to higher base elevations, but its all downhill for CO for the rest of the Season. So, you are in fact, bolstering my argument. Thanks for the help.

- What never happens? That CO gets more snow than UT? Hello, that's what I've been saying all along! Thanks for agreeing w/ me.
There are other resorts in CO- like Wolf Creek... went there over Thanksgiving this year and I was skiing 24" of fresh powder, on top of 30" the previous weekend. I doubt there are better conditions than that anywhere in the country at Thanksgiving. Plus, WC is dirt cheap.