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06 nordica race skis

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has anny one seen the 06 nordica race skis or ahve anny pictures or info
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I saw the new Slalom skis at a race in february. The graphics are pretty similar to the old ones, and the construction looks the same, but I didn't have time to take a close look and see the dimensions.
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I have seen the 06 catalog with dimensions...the race skis are pretty much the same as 05...different cosmetics...mostly the same construction...some Reps mention subtle construction differences...but nothing radical...they are not messing with a good thing. I REALLY like the Nordica race skis !!!
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Never skied anything in the Dobermen or Speedmachine line...haven't heard anything great about the Dobermen line either
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From what I understood from the reps a few weeks back... the skis will be shipped flat (no plate) to allow the athlete to select their own interface. All of the SL and GS skis he had were mounted with the Marker WC plate.

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a couple weeks ago i demod the nordica race line and really liked both the sl and gs. i had also demod the 04-05 nordica race line last summer and hated them. the rep had told me that they are totally different skis. they also skied alot like the volkl p60. the cosmetics are a little cooler for this coming year too.
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There is a Nordica ad with the 186 GSR in the latest issue if Ski Racing. No specs, but the plate looks rather interesting.

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